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Sony Alpha 850 Camera review | Storage and Energy
Like the A900, the Sony DSLR-A850 also features a dual card slot. Sony inevitably supports Memory Stick (MS) and, additionally, the CompactFlash (CF) memory card, which we often find in professional DSLR cameras. With the availability of a dual card slot, the Sony Alpha 850 allows for expanding the storage capacity significantly. The Memory Stick is available with a capacity of 32GB and the CF card's capacity even goes up to 64GB.
Sony Alpha 850 | Digital Camera Sony Alpha 850 | Digital Camera
16GB memory card certainly not superfluous
Cameras featuring a resolution of 24 Megapixels automatically generate large file sizes. Especially when these cameras, like the Sony A850, also support RAW and JPEG&RAW format. The aforementioned capacities might seem huge on paper, but in practice, it isn’t all that bad. 16GB equals approximately 420 pictures or 330 pictures in RAW & JPEG format. If you're going on a long hiking trip or a journey during the holidays with no possibility of reading the card in between, you will likely collect a large number of pictures. Certainly the photographer who sets off with a Sony Alpha 850. We therefore recommend a memory card of at least 16GB.

Considering 16GB of storage capacity:
24 Megapixels - ratio 3:2 - RAW - 38MB - 422 pictures
24 Megapixels - ratio 3:2 - cRAW - 26MB - 626 pictures
24 Megapixels - ratio 3:2 - RAW & JPEG - 49MB - 332 pictures
24 Megapixels - ratio 3:2 - cRAW & JPEG - 36MB - 448 pictures
24 Megapixels - ratio 3:2 - JPEG Extra Fijn - 24MB - 686 pictures
24 Megapixels - ratio 3:2 - JPEG Fijn - 10MB - 1580 pictures
24 Megapixels - ratio 3:2 - JPEG Standaard - 7MB - 2370 pictures

The table above considers a storage capacity on a CompactFlash memory card and a ratio of 3:2. Ratio 16:9 will mean a few more pictures, however, when shooting in RAW the camera always selects ratio 3:2.

Sony Alpha software
Processing speed of the Sony Alpha 850
While working on this Sony Alpha 850 review, news has reached us about SanDisk introducing an ultra-speed CompactFlash memory card. Unfortunately, a test sample of this new card was not available in time to be tested in combination with the DSLR-A850. We are very curious to find out what the effect of the increased read / write speed of the SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash PRO card will do to the processing speed of the Sony A850. In any case, the A850 requires high-speed memory cards with a minimum speed of 45MB/sec. (The SanDisk Extreme Pro enables 90MB/sec).

SanDisk Extreme PRO CompactFlash card
If you hesitate to transfer files through the Sony A850 because of its speed, just try it once. The transfer speed is impressive and you won't feel the need for an external card reader. A card reader is handy if you want to avoid connecting the camera all the time, or want to be able to keep the workflow going whilst the memory card transfers pictures. A Firewire card reader would then be an excellent option.

Sony Alpha A850 battery

Sony Alpha 850 Li-Ion battery
The Sony DSLR-A850 comes with a Li-Ion battery that is recharged through an external battery charger. One charge takes approximately 175 minutes and a full recharge of the battery takes about 235 minutes. According to CIPA measurements, which are standardized but not necessarily have to equal practice, a fully charged battery should deliver approximately 880 pictures; however, in practice this amount will not be reached. And if you think you need longer battery life, or want it just for convenience, you can purchase a second Li-Ion battery.
Sony Alpha 850 Sony Alpha 850
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