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Sony Alpha 850 Digital camera review | Introduction
Sony Alpha 850 SLR camera review : One year after Sony forced a price-breakthrough for full-frame DSLR cameras by introducing the Sony Alpha 900 at a sharp price, it seems that Sony is about to pull the very same trick again. The new Sony Alpha 850, introduced to the world on the eve of the IFA 2009 in Berlin, also comes with a very sharp price tag. Suspicious as we are, we still expect to find significant differences between the two Alpha DSLR cameras, and we are thus truly surprised when it appears that these differences are extremely marginal. In addition, there is the fact that the Sony A900 will be continued (for now) and remains available in Sony's assortment.

24,6 megapixel Sony Alpha 850 dSLR
The sharp retail price of the Sony A850 instantly attracts the limelight. For a digital SLR with a full frame image sensor and 24.6 Megapixels resolution, this means yet another price-breakthrough. Those who already had their eyes on the top model of the Sony Alpha series, yet couldn't come to grips with the price, will now undoubtedly go for the Alpha 850. More so since Sony confirms that apart from a handful of differences in the specifications, both cameras are identical when it comes to housing, image sensor and electronics.

Sony A850 advanced digital SLR camera
Several market researchers seem to have come to an almost unanimous conclusion; part of which is the expectation that it will not be the entry-level digital SLR cameras responsible for the growth of sales numbers, but rather the advanced DSLR cameras. The Sony DSLR A850 is one of these advanced cameras, which are not specifically designed for the professional photographer, but perhaps more for the serious amateur or semi-pro photographer. This is a logical choice, given the fact that Sony does not yet have a broad experience in professional photography. Building market share and pushing this gradually, possibly forced by a price-breakthrough, in the direction of the most interesting segment. Or at least; a segment where market share can still be conquered.

Sony Alpha 850 review including technical DIWA Labs test
Shortly after its launch, we received a Sony Alpha 850 DSLR test camera in combination with one of the Zeiss lenses that Sony has included in its range. We are curious to find out the impact of such a price below the current market conditions. Will the competition respond? And if so, at what speed and with what product? It is obvious the game for market shares is being played the hard way, and it is not yet determined who will benefit after all the cards have been played. The Sony A850 is tested extensively both technically and in practice. Our findings can be read in the following Sony Alpha 850 review.

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Sony A850

"The Sony A850, a full-format SLR with a stunning price-breakthrough, is the most remarkable DSLR among the ones that were introduced. The Sony Alpha 850 DSLR test photos were taken in Purmerend, the Netherlands, during a demonstration of the fire department of Purmerend."

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Sony Alpha 850 | Digital Camera

  Sony Alpha 850
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