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Canon EOS 500D Camera review | Conclusion
Canon EOS 500D digital SLR camera
It should not come as a surprise; the Canon EOS 500D will certainly offer you a positive shooting experience. The Canon 500D is backed up by a wealth of experience, thanks to the many generations that came before it, at which various innovative image solutions have passed by. It all sounds a bit boring, and from a tester's viewpoint it may be just that, but for the consumer, the Canon EOS 500D is an extremely full digital SLR camera providing many options to the amateur as well as the enhanced photographer.

Canon EOS 500D camera body
If we solely look at the Canon EOS 500D body, we have to dig deep to find any actual disadvantages. The main downer was experienced when using Live View continuously. This does affect the energy capacity hugely, and means in practice the active photographer most likely has to purchase an (expensive) spare battery. Other than that, we are not able to find any disadvantages and the Canon 500D passes with flying colors.

Canon EOS 500D test in practise
The Canon 500D was tested in combination with an EF-S 18-200/3.5-5.6 IS lens. This combination turned out to be a handy set in practice. A compact and light DSLR in combination with an all-round zoom lens offers a lot of ease. Still, it has to be said we are not fully convinced by the overall quality of the lens. The sharpness is average and Canon does not seem to have found a solution for the occurring chromatic aberration. If shooting takes place in circumstances where chromatic aberration is likely to appear, with this lens you are almost certain it will. The purple fringes are found visibly in the picture and need editing afterwards. This is something most of us can do without.

Canon 500D : A DSLR that will suit every photographer
Naturally, there are more than enough other Canon lenses available to use in combination with the Canon EOS 500D. The EOS body is of high quality and generates a lot of photography fun. The camera is user-friendly and provides an extremely high image quality. The Canon 500D is everybody's friend. The camera will offer the ideal learning curve for the beginning photographer and help elevate him or her to new level of photography. As far as we're concerned, the Canon EOS 500D is a complete camera and therefore a camera that will suit every user.

Canon EOS 500D | Digital Camera


Canon EOS 500D
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