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Digital Camera Specifications

Canon EOS 500D Camera review | Control
The operation of a digital SLR is been going through quite a change lately. With the arrival of large LCD monitors and Live View, the monitor is bound to start playing a much bigger role. The small displays on top of Canon cameras seem to disappear, also due to the more compact size of the cameras. And since the new monitors are at least 3 inches in size, a wealth of information can be displayed in order to make the user interface even more graphical, just as is the case with the Canon EOS 500D. A small disadvantage is the increased energy consumption, since the monitor will be activated a lot more often.
Canon EOS 500D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 500D | Digital Camera
Different monitor colors
The layout of the monitor's reproduction has been changed slightly. Additionally, four different colors can be selected through the Settings mode. It is not only a case of being trendy; changing the monitor's color may also prove handy in situations with scarce light. A lower contrast display is sometimes easier to read. The way of activating the quick menu is also convenient. Pressing the SET button activates the quick menu and the arrow keys let you scroll through the various settings. By pressing the SET button once more, adjustments can be made.

Live View function on the Canon EOS 500D
The speed and ease of navigation are remarkable and are extremely user-friendly. The large monitor provides a beautiful and, especially, a clearly readable reproduction, and in combination with Live View, this makes the life of a photographer considerably more pleasant. Naturally, there are some comments to be made; in particular when it comes to the speed of focusing in Live View, however, for now, the advantages are plenty.

EOS review
Canon EOS 500D exposure programs
The Canon EOS 500D DSLR has a lot of functionality to offer. Whether it is simple auto programs or enhanced creative settings; the Canon 500D has it all. Exposure programs such as Program, Aperture and Shutter priority and full Manual exposure are naturally also available. In addition, the Canon 500D features several preset scenes, (Image Zone) such as Portrait, Scenery, Close-up, Macro, Sports etc. These programs come in particularly handy to those who know how to make a composition and how the result should come out, but at the same time still lack the experience of setting the correct parameters.

Canon EOS 500D SLR camera settings
If you're ready to leave the auto program of the Canon EOS 500D, you will enter a world full of functions. Nearly every exposure, whether it has to do with white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, editing an image, color parameters etc., can be changed at wish. If you start working with these, you may call yourself an enhanced photographer. In practice, you may not even bother to use them, however, while the intelligent parameters and programs of the Canon 500D deliver such high quality that it is more than likely to satisfy most people.

EOS digital camera review
Canon EOS 500D Canon EOS 500D
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