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Olympus E450 Camera review | Conclusion
Olympus E-450 digital SLR camera
Olympus has a wide range of digital SLR cameras in its assortment. From entry-level models to the semi-pro DSLR cameras, innovation and high technology simply seem to go hand in hand. The so-called Four Thirds camera system, although explained with a full story, seems to have become less important these days. The benefit of Four Thirds, the fact that a DSLR can be kept small, now seems somewhat obsolete, as the competition is able to produce equally compact models.

Olympus Evolt E-450 - Four Thirds accessories
More important is the support that Olympus offers, backed up by the unconditional support of the ruling Olympus Four Thirds system. A wide range of accessories including a range of lenses aimed at the amateur and professional photographer alike; provide each user all the features that are required for high-quality digital photography. The main strength of the compact and lightweight Olympus E-450 is undoubtedly the ease with which your take the camera along.

Olympus E-450 review conclusion
The image quality of the Olympus E-450 is certainly good. Especially for the novice, the Olympus E-450 will be a good camera that allows for easy and effective shooting. The many settings, a pleasant operation and a compact size make the camera combination that can be looked at with pride. We have only one small comment and that is the lack of an optical image stabilizer. Understandable from the marketing viewpoint of Olympus, but that does not make it easier to accept the fact that it is absent. Actually, we expect to find this effective stabilization technique in an entry DSLR from Olympus, as it would also contribute positively to the unnecessary need to use high ISO values.

Olympus E450 offers ease and pleasure in photographing
The impression that lasted for a long period of time after having testing the Olympus E450, is the feeling of ease and pleasure of photographing. The camera has strong features in that respect, which are not reflected directly in the technical specifications, but, in practice these certainly come out. We do wonder though how long DSLR cameras like the E-450 are still able to differentiate this much with the Micro Four Thirds system around the corner. After all, it is quite obvious and maybe even already determined that the Micro system is one of the most likely candidates to take over this role.

Olympus E450 | Digital Camera


Olympus E450
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