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Olympus E450 Camera review | Control
We don't think twice about it, but when activating the Olympus E450 DSLR camera, the dust removal system is automatically activated. It does not cause any noticeable delay, which means you are able to take the first picture immediately after activating the camera. The general camera settings will appear on the monitor offering all the relevant information at one glance. When Live View is activated, this information turns into a handful of pictograms displayed in a small size on the right side of the monitor.
Olympus E450 | Digital Camera Olympus E450 | Digital Camera
Focussing with the Olympus Evolt E-450
During shooting with Live View activated, the auto focus is somewhat slower as you will notice, than when shooting without Live View. At this time, the focus technique has been developed to a point where it is so enhanced it can hardly become any faster. This is why Live View is not suitable to capture fast moving subjects at this time. If speed is not an issue, Live View is a joy to work with. The Olympus E-450 features three focus points, which is generally enough to work with. The more advanced DSLR cameras come with more focus points, placed over a larger part of the image. This adds to the precision and, inevitably, to the composition as well.

Olympus E-450 camera settings
Since the monitor on the back of the camera plays a more active role while shooting, there is also a different operation available. This way, Olympus has avoided placing too many quick buttons on the camera while in fact the monitor displays them all. By pressing the OK button, it is possible to change settings directly via the monitor. Very convenient and on top of that, hardly any delays. It also shows straight away if certain settings are still active, or if you have forgotten to return to the default setting.

Olympus E450 body
Olympus E450 offers a surprising number of possibilities
However, it is still possible to set the camera to your own preference even further. The main menu of the Olympus E-450 allows for changing many settings or to set standards. It is also possible to set the Fn button at will. There are so many possibilities, especially when you consider the Olympus E-450 is in fact an entry-level digital SLR. The only thing that is missing is an optical image stabilizer, and this brings us to the only true lack on this camera. From a marketing viewpoint, it is understandable that there has to be a clear difference between an E-620 and an Olympus E-450 digital camera. The fact this stabilizer is missing, really does make that difference very clear indeed.

Olympus E-450 SLR makes creative photography possible
If you're a novice taking the step to start photographing with a digital SLR, you will more than likely find the Olympus E-450 the ideal camera. Not only because of the low learning curve, but also because it doesn't stop right there. Once you have taken your skills to the next level, and want to start shooting more creatively, the E450 will certainly fulfill your needs. P/S/A/M mode is available allowing for manual operation and that is virtually all you need. Also, the more serious photographic actions are easy to apply. The monitor is the perfect aid for all these settings; ensuring ease and user-friendliness.

Olympus E450 Olympus E450
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