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Olympus E450 Camera review | Camera
The compact size of the Olympus E-450 makes it very tempting to take the camera with you at all times. The light weight is comfortable to carry around and does not influence the stability of the camera in a negative way. The build of the E450 provides a good hand-fit. The E-450 features a small handgrip that is unobtrusive, yet still offers just that little extra grip that is needed to ensure the camera lies stable in your hand. This means the Olympus E450 can easily keep up with competing Megazoom cameras.
Olympus E450 | Digital Camera Olympus E450 | Digital Camera
Olympus E-450 metal bayonet mount
The front of the Olympus E-450 seems to only consist of a metal bayonet mount, due to the compact size of the camera. The mount supports the wide range of FourThirds lenses, among which the 14-42mm f/3.5-f5.6 kit lens. An abundance to choose from for the beginning photographer and it aren’t just Olympus lenses that will fit. Also Sigma, and for example Tamron provide a series of FourThirds lenses that will fit the Olympus E-450 digital SLR camera.

xD Picture card & CompactFlash memory card support
The small yet clearly noticeable handgrip comes with a built-in card slot. And, very luxurious indeed, the Olympus E-450 has been equipped with a dual card slot, supporting xD Picture Card and CompactFlash memory cards. This is however not all that surprising, and perhaps one can even say it is a necessity for Olympus to offer support for other memory cards in addition to their 'own' xD Picture Card. The xD Picture Card market share is insufficient to be able to speak of a success, and with the SD / SDHC memory cards as standard and rival, it is obvious that CompactFlash is provided as a second option. At the bottom of the handgrip, the compartment for the Li-Ion battery is positioned.

Olympus camera
Olympus E-450 SLR camera operation
The camera's top side looks rather occupied upon first glance. There is not a lot of room for the buttons, since the camera is so very compact. And due to the diminutive handgrip, which does not stand out from the body that much, the shutter release button is placed more into the direction of the camera than is the case with competing models. The setting dial is available offering the main programs. The dial is encircled by a switch to turn the camera on or off. The small space that is left on the right of the camera is taken up by a command dial. Entirely to the left, two buttons provide access to functions such as flash settings, sequential shooting etc. The center of the topside carries a hot shoe, to enable the use of an external flash unit, in addition to the internal flash.

Olympus E450 controle center
The control center of the camera is found on the rear. With the availability of Live View, the LCD monitor becomes even more important in use. Consequently, the optical viewfinder becomes less of a necessity and perhaps even superfluous for some users. To the left of the monitor, a foursome buttons are positioned with access to the menu of the E-450 or providing control over the reproduction. On the right side of the display, there are not that many buttons, while that spot is needed to place either the thumb or your right hand. Below the multi-functional button, a rubber cover hides access to interfaces such as USB and video out.

Olympus E450 software
Olympus E450 Olympus E450
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