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Olympus E450 Digital camera review | Introduction
Olympus E-450 digital SLR review : With the arrival of the Olympus E-450, the assortment of FourThirds DSLR cameras is enhanced once more. The Olympus E-450 is the successor to the E-420 and takes over the lead of being one of the world's most compact DSLR cameras. This fight is literally battled out over millimeters and milligrams and the competition is killing. Olympus is facing brands like Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony. Olympus does manage to stand out thanks to its FourThirds system, but to be honest, the differences of this system compared to the standard systems, are becoming smaller every day.

10 megapixel Olympus Evolt E-450 SLR camera
Olympus has chosen not to increase the resolution of the Evolt E-450. 10 Megapixels is in fact more than enough for nearly every branch of digital photography. And since this model can be considered an entry-level DSLR camera, it seems logical not to raise the pixel amount just for the sake of raising it. The compact size and low weight make the Olympus E450 the ideal camera to carry with you as often as you wish. And that is one of the strong points of this camera. After all, you want to capture as many favorite moments as possible with a camera, don't you?

Dust removal system on the Olympus E450
A few years ago, an effective dust removal system was integrated by Olympus in all its cameras. In practice, this method turned out very effective after only a short period of time, and was considered a standard very soon after. The Olympus E-450 does not encounter any problems when it comes to dust or other dirt in the pictures. This is quite a relief, also when you want to change lenses during your holidays in a dusty environment. Ease and user-friendliness are keywords to describe the Olympus E-450.

Olympus E-450 review including a DIWA Labs test
Shortly after testing the Olympus E-620, a camera leaning against the more expensive E-30, it is now the turn of the E-450, the youngest member of the Olympus FourThirds series of DSLR cameras. We were able to test this camera for a short period of time, and additionally put the E-450 through extensive technical tests in our DIWA Lab. In this lab, tests are carried out standardized, enabling a 1-to-1 comparison with other camera models. A balanced review is the result of combining these two tests together. Our findings can be read in the following Olympus E-450 review.

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Olympus E-450

" The Olympus E-450 is the most compact DSLR model of the Olympus stable, and is a serious contender for the title: "Most compact DSLR in the world". Despite Olympus targeting the low-end of the SLR market, the Olympus E-450 still features a wealth of handy functions. The Olympus E-450 sample test photos were taken in Amsterdam’s Artis zoo, the Netherlands."

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Olympus E450 | Digital Camera

  Olympus E450
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