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Olympus SP 590 UZ Camera review | Conclusion
Olympus SP-590 UZ Megazoom digital camera
Mega zoom cameras have been under a lot of pressure for a small period of time, mainly caused by the launch of affordable entry-level DSLR cameras. The manufacturer reckoned on a quicker switch from compact to DSLR, making the mega zoom segment superfluous. However, this turned out differently in practice. A considerably large group of photographers find ease more important than the need to enhance a system camera with all kinds of accessories. The Olympus SP-590 UZ seems a type of camera that has everything at hand, and ease of use could easily reach high scores.

Olympus SP-590UZ not to be confused with an SLR camera
On paper, the Olympus SP-590 UZ looks like it could replace a digital SLR camera. As for its zoom range and functionality, the SP590 certainly does get close. However, in practice we soon discover that this resemblance is not so obvious. Naturally, the zoom range is impressive and the camera can be used for all-round photography, however; things like signal/noise ratio, resolving power and lens quality spoil the fun.

Olympus SP-590UZ field test
As it turned out, the Olympus SP590 is not able to reach the same quality as a DSLR when it comes to high ISO quality, and the camera has to give in even from ISO 200. This fact is clearly a hindrance to actually use the camera all-round without having to depend on light and stabilization. Additionally, the image quality; more so the telephoto pictures, is less than that of the wide angle ones. This is something you will not easily come across in the digital SLR camera segment. If we compare an average DSLR with the SP-590 UZ, we can't but conclude that whereas the DSLR is all-round applicable, the Olympus SP-590UZ should be qualified as a 'nice-weather-camera'.

Olympus SP-590 UZ review conclusion
It is in fact the super mega zoom feature of the Olympus SP-590 UZ that lets us down. It seems Olympus went just one step too far. The specifications are beautiful, 26x zoom and high resolution with many setting options, but in practice the camera does not live up to its expectations. If you expect good quality and all-round photography, you'd better look for a DSLR (for example the Olympus E-450). Although this means you will have to settle for less zoom range, or go through the trouble of taking a second lens along; when it comes to quality, it certainly would be a smarter choice!

Olympus SP 590 UZ | Digital Camera


Olympus SP 590 UZ
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