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Olympus SP 590 UZ Camera review | Control
It is obvious that the operation of a camera should not cause problems for any person. However, this is not always the case, and it is not always perfect, although we have to say a number of manufacturers do come close. It's often small issues that make optimal operation impossible; ranging from a too slow navigation option, to unclear pictograms in an equally vague menu structure. The ever increasing amount of possibilities and options certainly don't make things clearer, features that are only discovered while using the camera in practice. The Olympus SP-590UZ is a camera suitable for the hobby and amateur photographer. It is a camera that offers auto as well as manual settings, but contrary to its predecessor, stores in JPEG format only.
Olympus SP 590 UZ | Digital Camera Olympus SP 590 UZ | Digital Camera
Fastness of the Olympus SP-590UZ camera
We don't know the exact reason for removing RAW storage, however; we can imagine that it creates a more obvious difference between the DSLR and Megazoom / compact camera. Activating the camera is swift; the camera is ready to shoot within one second. Zooming from wide angle to telephoto is equally fast. Despite the huge zoom, the distance from wide angle to telephoto is taken in less than two seconds. It is ever so pleasant that the camera offers precise framing of the subject. The more than 90 stops let you accurately carry out the composition with utmost precision.

Olympus SP-590 offers an optical image stabilizer
In practice, shooting with the Olympus SP-590 UZ proves very relaxed. The camera can be held with one hand, and with the aid of the optical image stabilizer, zooming is comfortable without having to worry about motion blur. At focal lengths of 20x and higher, it of course remains a necessity to keep the camera as still as possible, in order not to provoke fate. In practice, the stabilizer is undoubtedly the deciding factor for eliminating any possible motion blur. Also, the Olympus SP590 UZ features an additional stabilizer, however; this one emphasizes on increasing ISO, which does not have our preference.

Olympus SP-590 UZ camera menu
The menu is well-structured and easy to comprehend. The MENU button on the back provides access to the main menu with a choice from a maximum of 7 submenus. It depends on the camera's main setting whether or not all the submenus are accessible. The FUNC button, in the centre of the multi-controller, makes a row appear on the left side of the monitor. Gradually more often, we see this type of quick menu being used by various manufacturers. It is a convenient and quick method to be able to directly change frequently used settings such as ISO, white balance, light metering, resolution etc. during shooting.
Shadow Adjustment technology
The automation is also further enhanced on the Olympus SP-590 UZ. Features like face detection have become a common find, and the importance of, for example, the Shadow Adjustment technology has become bigger. Olympus even arranged a dedicated button for it. Shadow Adjustment technology is an expression for a technology we also find with other manufacturers. For example; D-Lighting (Nikon), Dynamic Range Optimizer (Sony) and others. The technology has been improved and offers a handy solution in many cases to be able to process high contrast as optimally as possible.

Olympus SP-590UZ emphasizes on photography
When it comes to specifications, the Olympus SP-590 UZ generally keeps nicely in pace, and on some items even proves to be ahead, for instance when it comes to the optical zoom. The Olympus SP-590 UZ emphasizes on photography, and although it is possible to capture motion pictures with the camera, the resolution lingers at a scarce VGA (640x480 pixels). The competition however, shows that High Definition is very well possible, and more often than not we find capturing HD video clips enabled on a compact/Megazoom camera.

Olympus camera test
Olympus SP 590 UZ Olympus SP 590 UZ
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