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Olympus SP 590 UZ Camera review | Camera
The Olympus SP-590 UZ mega zoom camera has to deal with a number of predecessors. One of which is the most recent one; the SP-570 UZ, and it won't come as a surprise to anyone that both cameras have a similar appearance. Whereas its predecessor goes for plain black, the new Olympus SP590 UZ has adorned its black housing with several silver-colored details. Striking is the two-tone silver and black color scheme on the super zoom lens. As for its weight; the Olympus SP-590 UZ has gained a little, albeit only a mere 8 grams, and its dimensions have increased by a few millimeters. This is pretty impressive considering the larger focal range the SP-590UZ offers compared to the SP-570UZ; the latter camera still had to settle for 'only' 20x zoom.
Olympus SP 590 UZ | Digital Camera Olympus SP 590 UZ | Digital Camera
Olympus SP-590UZ lens
The front of the Olympus SP590 UZ camera is dominated mainly by the large lens. And this is not so surprising, since the bright lens ranges from f/2.8 at wide angle up to f/5 at super telephoto. In between the sturdy handgrip and the lens, the microphone and an AF assist lamp are placed, including a LED for the self-timer. A nice detail is the fact there is enough room in between the handgrip and the lens in order to rest your fingers comfortably.

Olympus SP-590 UZ command dial
On top of the Olympus SP590UZ camera, a large command dial is found offering clear main programs for auto as well as manual settings. The dial rotates can be rotated full-circle to both sides and has a nice resistance so that it won't be easily set to a different program unintentionally. The shutter release has a reasonably big size with excellent tactile feedback for focusing. The shutter release is encircled by the zoom lever with quite a short rotation to zoom in and out. The built-in flash is located relatively far up front and pops up by operating a switch on the side of the camera. The camera will tell you whether or not you have to use the flash.

Olympus SP-590 UZ handgrip
The large handgrip provides a stable and secure hold. The grip features a rubber coating providing a nice and rugged feeling. The side of the grip has a built-in card slot accessible via a small cover.

SP-590 UZ
Unfortunately, it is still the xD Picture memory card that is being supported. In our opinion, this should have been replaced by the SD and SDHC a long time ago. The other side features several interfaces; for the electric mains, an HDMI connection and the combined A/V and USB2 Hi-Speed interface. The bottom of the handgrip offers room to a foursome of AA format batteries. The cover is sufficiently secured by a catch in order to prevent unintentional opening. However, once opened, you have to make sure the batteries don't come tumbling out by holding the camera upside down. The universal tripod mount is placed right next to the compartment in the center of the bottom. This is quite a logical spot; however, if you have to change the batteries or memory card, you will have to demount the camera first. The loudspeaker, found entirely in the far corner, will not be bothered from it.

Olympus SP-590UZ LCD screen
The back of the Olympus SP-590 UZ is well-structured with, to the right, the 2.7 inch sized monitor and to the left, the multi-controller. On top and below this controller, several additional buttons are found to select, for example, the menu or display mode. The size of the display has remained the same, as has the resolution of 230,000 pixels. The monitor on the other hand, is now of the HyperCrystal II type, which should provide a better reproduction in direct sunlight as well as an improved viewing angle. Above the monitor, the electronic viewfinder is located.

Olympus SP 590 UZ Olympus SP 590 UZ
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