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Canon Powershot A2100 IS Camera review | Conclusion
Canon PowerShot A2100 IS digital camera
The Canon PowerShot A2100IS is the successor to the A2000IS and seems to be a camera update that is no more than a Megapixel increase. If you look at the specification list, this may seem exactly the case, yet there are in fact more differences. The concept of the A-series of cameras has not changed; an automated compact camera featuring many handy automatic functions, compact size and a high quality finish. In short; an entry level camera, although one that you want to be seen with.

Canon PowerShot A2100IS - Improvements
The resolution increase may look good on paper, but in practice it is not of any actual use. Still, we are not all negative, while Canon did make an effort to sort out the problems that can occur with high resolution on a fairly small image sensor. And they have done well, while it has led to good results. Where possible, the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS has been improved, such as for instance its dynamic range, color reproduction and color range. Some improvements have also been made to the 6x zoom lens, among which are sharpness and chromatic aberration. In practice, some of these improvements are harder to point out and only show at DIWA Lab tests.

Canon A2100 IS - Signal / noise ratio
Although Canon did perfectly well with the A2100 IS, they were not able to significantly improve the signal/noise ratio. There is more pressure on the signal/noise ratio due to the increase of resolution on an equal image sensor. At low ISOs the Canon A2100 IS is still in favor, but at 400 and higher ISO its predecessor performs more optimally.

Canon PowerShot A2100 IS : Definitely worth your while!
The Canon PowerShot A2100IS compact camera is beautifully designed, providing a wealth of possibilities to the beginning photographer. Ease and comfort have precedence, and with minor improvements that bring the image quality to nearly the same high level as its predecessor, we can say the camera is a successful successor. Although the A2100 IS is not perfect and feels more at home in good weather and broad daylight, the camera offers a lot of shooting fun and we certainly see the camera playing a big role in enhancing Canon’s market share of Canon in this segment. The A2100 IS camera is definitely worth your while!

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Canon Powershot A2100 IS | Digital Camera


Canon Powershot A2100 IS
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