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Canon Powershot A2100 IS Camera review | Adjustments
Upon arrival of a Canon PowerShot A2100 IS test sample, it is tested in our DIWA Lab. The technical data of the rigorous tests are processed and translated into understandable data. Inside the lab, testing takes place in standardized circumstances. An environment in which cameras, both compact and system concepts can be compared without a problem. Besides that, the Canon A2100 IS compact camera is extensively used in practice and evaluated as for operation and shooting in practice. This combination of lab tests and the testing in practice, results in a final conclusion that is carefully reviewed.
Canon Powershot A2100 IS | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A2100 IS | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A2100IS color reproduction
One of the technical tests carried out in the DIWA Lab is color reproduction. The pictures taken in practice are just showing that exact moment, yet they will be judged for their reproduction according to different criteria. Still, this reproduction will look different to each person who sees it, due to the variety of monitors the pictures are viewed on, and simply due to the different conditions in which the pictures were taken. In the DIWA Lab, the conditions are standardized and generally do not deviate. This way, the sample pictures can be compared and judged when it comes to reproduction and genuine colors. We compared the sample pictures of the Canon A2100IS to those of its predecessor, the A2000IS. We noticed minor differences of the ISO range from 80-800 ISO. In favor of the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS, in fact. Only at 1600 ISO the color deviates slightly more compared to the calibrated color chart of the Gretag Macbeth Color Checker. The Canon A2100 IS is able to reproduce the colors quite accurately, a very nice achievement indeed!

Canon PowerShot A2100 IS white balance
The color range of the Canon PowerShot A2100IS has improved compared to its predecessor. Whereas we found an irregular range with a peek downwards on the A2000IS, the Canon A2100IS provides a more regular and large color range with an average amount of 21.62bits (A200IS provides 20.65 bits) out of 24bits over a sensitivity range of 80-800 ISO. When it comes to white balance, the Canon PowerShot A2100IS is able to effectively filter color cast over the entire range from 80-1600 ISO. It is only at ISO 400 that the camera has some difficulties, however, not quite visible. The auto white balance provides a fine color reproduction, although in incandescent light, the camera finds it hard to neutralize color cast. Manual white balance provides the best result.

Canon A2100 IS - ISO sensitivity
The result of enlarging the amount of pixels on an image sensor that has the same dimensions as its predecessor is that there are in fact 8 million more pixels on every square centimeter. The technical measurements in relation to the actual sensitivity of the image sensor compared to the claimed specifications were excellent for the camera's predecessor. The actual sensitivity was almost identical to that of the theoretical sensitivity. The Canon A2100 IS shows a different result. It's only 200, 400, and a bit less accurate ISO 800 that are almost identical to the claimed specifications, however; 80, 100 and 1600 ISO deviate strongly from the actual sensitivity. ISO 80 and 100 are actually 67 and 87 ISO respectively, while 1600 ISO is actually 1234 ISO. An average deviation of 21.3%. Still, also due to the identical center values, it is a deviation that often occurs. We do consider 20-25% to be an average deviation. In practice, exposure correction could be the solution to obtain optimal exposure.
Canon A2100 IS signal/noise ratio
From a marketing viewpoint, there's no stopping the process of increasing the amount of Megapixels. In theory, it looks good on the list of specifications, yet in practice it often means we have to deal with more noise, especially at high ISO values. The Canon PowerShot A2100 IS camera performs well at low ISO values up to and including 200 ISO, however, from ISO 400, noise is present. It is a question of exposing as accurately as possible at this ISO value, while noise becomes directly visible when under-exposing. The increase of the amount of pixels itself did not cause a dramatic worsening. In case of the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS camera, the signal/noise ratio has in fact improved slightly up to and including ISO 200. However, at 400 ISO and higher, its predecessor delivers a better performance, although not significantly.

Dynamic range on the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS
Dynamic range up to and including ISO 400 is fine. The camera is very well able to provide enough details in high contrast situations without getting white-washed areas or blotted dark areas in the picture. It does get a little bit more difficult at ISO 800; here accurate exposure becomes important. The results of noise, resolution and dynamic range show that the Canon PowerShot A2100IS performs fine when there is enough light, as long as you stay away from high ISO values. If high ISO is used, annoying features such as noise will occur.

Sharpness of the lens
Although the Canon A2100 and the A2000 feature the same 6x zoom range, the lens and its performance are not equal. The camera's predecessor suffered from clearly visible blur at wide-angle, mainly blur of the edges. The measurements of the Canon PowerShot A2100IS come up with a different result: excellent sharpness at wide angle for both the edges as well as the centre of the lens. As for distortion, the lens performs almost equal to the measurements of the A2000IS camera.

Canon A2100IS - Chromatic aberration
The zoom lens is not entirely free from chromatic aberration, although it is are not quite visible. At wide angle, chromatic aberration is slightly visible, yet still not a nuisance. At telephoto, the zoom lens has even improved in relation to chromatic aberration. Its predecessor, the A2000IS clearly suffered more from purple fringing in telephoto mode. Vignetting isn’t a problem for the A2100IS camera either. Although slightly visible at maximum aperture and wide angle, it is kept under control and proves acceptable in practice.
Canon Powershot A2100 IS Canon Powershot A2100 IS
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