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Canon Powershot A2100 IS Camera review | Camera
The Canon PowerShot A2100 IS camera has the same measurements and weight as its predecessor. A handy format to carry with you at all times, also thanks to its reasonable weight, even though it is not ultra-light. The plastic material of the housing feels rough, and that is why the camera still feels safe in your hand despite the lack of a real handgrip. The design of the Canon A2100IS compact camera is quite traditional with straight lines and softly curved corners. Several generations ago, the A-series still contained an actual handgrip, which made its appearance less compact. As for hand-fit, I prefer the older generation, which is by no means intended to diminish the A2100IS; it is just that the older design provided that little extra stability.
Canon Powershot A2100 IS | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A2100 IS | Digital Camera
Canon A2100 IS point-and-shoot digital camera
In addition to a cosmetic change that was carried out during that time, another striking change has taken place: the lack of a screw mount on the lens of the camera. This screw thread filter enabled equipping the lens with a converter with which the focal lengths of wide angle and telephoto could be enlarged. It was quite a unique feature for a camera in this segment, and I can imagine not many owners would actually use this feature in practice. With the disappearance of this item, the cosmetic change and the removal of the S/A/M mode, it is clear at which target group Canon aims with the PowerShot A2100 IS.

6x zoom lens on the Canon PowerShot A2100IS
The front of the Canon A2100IS really stands out, thanks to its silver-colored line and lens against the dark housing. The 6x zoom lens is hidden away quite thinly, making it a stylish part of the design. To the right of the lens, the small flash is placed, left of the lens three small holes are found serving as a microphone, and above it, the LED is placed serving as self-timer indicator and AF assist lamp.

Canon A2100IS memory- & battery compartment
The side of the camera contains the combined USB 2.0 and A/V video interface and the A/C power interface. These interfaces are covered by a small rubber lid that is nicely integrated in the housing. The handgrip features a compartment for the batteries and memory card at the bottom. The Canon PowerShot A2100 gets its energy from two AA format batteries. An SD or SDHC memory card with maximum storage capacity of 32GB can be used for storage.

Canon digital camera
The compartment is safely closed by the cover, although the AA batteries can come out directly when opening the lid. Beware! The Canon A2100IS can be mounted on a tripod thanks to the universal tripod connection in the center of the bottom of the camera.

Canon PowerShot A2100 IS command dial
On top of the camera, we find the famous command dial which can be entirely rotated both ways. The main programs are all available on this dial and can be selected by rotating it. There is no audible click when selecting a setting, although you can feel when a setting is selected. The command dial is somewhat hard to rotate, which offers sufficient safety to not change a setting accidentally. The large shutter release button fits nicely underneath the index finger and has a pleasant release pressure. The ring encircling the shutter release functions as zoom button and has a short rotation, which works both pleasantly and fast.

Canon PowerShot A2100 IS LCD monitor
The back of the Canon PowerShot A2100IS camera is divided into one part for the display and one part for several buttons. The 3 inch LCD monitor has remained untouched; still providing a resolution of 230,000 pixels. This large format is extremely pleasant for reproduction, while providing more room to share pictures with third parties either during shooting or afterwards. The buttons are flat and are sunken into the housing quite a bit. Yet, they are simple to operate even with larger fingers. Upon pressing the buttons, you will hear a clear click which is pleasant whilst operating the camera.

Canon PowerShot review
Canon Powershot A2100 IS Canon Powershot A2100 IS
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