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Canon Powershot A2100 IS Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon PowerShot A2100 IS digital camera review : Because of its predecessor, the A2000IS, the fate of the Canon PowerShot A2100IS's had already been sealed: it would no longer provide the A/S mode (Aperture/Shutter priority) for the creative hobby photographer. An enhanced automation took its place, which is perhaps more suitable for the target group the PowerShot A-series aims at. The Canon PowerShot A2100 IS camera went one step higher up the Megapixel ladder, now featuring a 12 Megapixel CCD image sensor.

Canon PowerShot A2100 IS zoom lens
The zoom lens has remained the same when it comes to focal length, and provides a 6x focal range which is the equivalent of 36-216 mm on a 35mm camera. Canon did not find any reason to change the appearance of the A2100 IS compared to that of its predecessor. Perhaps the only exception being the silver line that is placed vertically on the front along the handgrip. For now, the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS seems to be an updated version of its predecessor.

Canon A2100 IS camera design
The compact camera market seems to have quieted down, and due to the ongoing economical crisis, the forecast for the upcoming year is somewhat cautious. We have not seen genuine innovations in the compact camera assortment lately, unless we count in the numerous handy automated tricks that we find more and more often, as well as in larger numbers, in compact cameras. The amount of pixels has easily sufficed for years now, and as for camera design; we haven't noticed any revolutionary changes either. The camera has become a common tool.

Canon PowerShot A2100IS review including a DIWA Labs test
We used the Canon A2100 IS camera for a short while. In addition to extensive technical DIWA tests, we also frequently used the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS in practical situations in order to obtain the ideal combination of testing in lab circumstances and in every-day situations. Our findings can be read in the following Canon PowerShot A2100 IS review.

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Canon PowerShot A2000 IS

"The PowerShot A-series has been on the market for quite a number of generations now, and has proven quite successful indeed. The Canon A2100 IS has an appealing price/quality ratio, and the beginning photographer will obtain a full camera that is able to take a good quality picture with the least of effort put into it. The following Canon PowerShot A2100 IS test photos were taken in Purmerend, the Netherlands."

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Canon Powershot A2100 IS | Digital Camera

  Canon Powershot A2100 IS
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