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Samsung WB500 Camera review | Conclusion
Samsung WB500 digital camera
The Samsung WB500 is the world's first mega zoom camera providing a 24mm wide angle zoom and a total range of 10x. This is quite an achievement when it comes to optics. Samsung has not been easy on itself. The specifications are appealing, although the camera's design is not particularly striking. And it are exactly the occasional striking features, such as the silver-colored buttons on the back, that turn out inconvenient in practice. It's hard to see which symbols are on the buttons and what function the buttons represent. Samsung is not the only company dropping a stitch in this area. Other than that, the camera is quite recognizable as a compact camera. The uninformed user will be surprised by the 24mm wide angle and 10x zoom, while the size does not give away these kinds of specifications.

Samsung WB500 camera specifications
It's a fact the camera looks a lot like competitive models when it comes to model and specifications, which is due to the success of the Panasonic TZ series cameras. Recently, the Panasonic LUMIX TZ7 was reviewed, obtaining an excellent final conclusion. A camera like this setting the standard and being referred to, seems something that is more than logical. It are not the specifications that make the difference, even though the technical specifications are quite appealing. The image quality always remains an important part. And in this respect, Samsung could still improve.

Samsung WB500 image quality
The hiccup for the Samsung WB500 is found in the quality of the signal/noise ratio. Visible noise shows up from ISO 400 and the performance of the higher ISO values isn’t too good, but on the other hand, the chances of using the high ISO decreases depending on the effect of the optical image stabilizer. However; in the case of the Samsung WB500, we find a noise reduction system which is in fact so aggressive that even the lower ISO values start to suffer from it. The result in this case is loss of detail, which is an effect that does not occur on competing cameras such as the Panasonic TZ7 or the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Megazoom.

Samsung WB500 test conclusion
The Samsung WB500 is an interesting camera, and if you settle for an average image quality, excellent operation, fine color reproduction and a large optical zoom range, you will certainly have fun with this mega zoom camera. Yet, we simply expected more from Samsung, certainly because over the last few years, Samsung has been telling us how serious the company is, and that they are on an unscrupulous mission to conquer market shares. That Samsung is in the process of doing so certainly can't be denied, however, the results for high quality digital camera products really trail behind the expectations. If you're looking for the ultimate camera, you will probably find the Panasonic LUMIX TZ7 the right choice. The Samsung WB500 is placed on the reserve bench, but does distinguish itself through its strong price/quality ratio.

Samsung WB500 | Digital Camera


Samsung WB500
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