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Samsung WB500 Camera review | Control
The Samsung WB500 is a compact, or rather; a mega zoom camera for the amateur photographer. It is a camera that seems to desire nothing more than ease. And it certainly has been designed for ease. The ease of carrying a compact size camera featuring a light weight along with you, yet still providing a versatile use thanks to its large zoom range. In addition, the emphasis is put on automatic operation, requiring the least effort of thinking and acting while shooting. A goal that is strangely enough not always as easy as it sounds, given the sometimes difficult and confusing operation.
Samsung WB500 | Digital Camera Samsung WB500 | Digital Camera
Pre programmed scene modes
As for the Samsung WB500, this is generally no problem. When you take the camera into your hands for the first time, it looks familiar straight away, and you immediately know how to activate the camera. The green AUTO button is easily found, and after playing around with the zoom, the first picture will be taken in no-time. The scene setting soon comes in handy, providing a choice of 15 scene modes, covering most of the imaginable exposure situations. Those who would like a more creative way of shooting will soon hit the boundaries of what's provided. A small change in aperture and additionally a large range in shutter priority are available, however, enabling the photographer to have a little extra control over the exposure.

Samsung WB500 menu
The camera's menu, the one that hides behind the F-button, takes you directly into an overview of the main settings. For example; resolution, light metering, focus, ISO etc. We often find this shortcut on digital cameras, and it provides changing settings in a fast and simple way. The Samsung WB500's menu is well-structured and not too crowded. The coloring with a semitransparent background is ever so calming to your eye, and really makes it easy to concentrate on the menu. It is a straightforward structure enabling fast navigation.

Samsung WB500 camera operation
The Samsung WB500 is a pleasant camera when it comes to operation. The camera responds almost instantly, and the zoom range goes from wide angle to telephoto at an average speed. If you expect a supersonic speed when zooming from beginning until the end of the range; you will have to look for a DSLR. Count with approximately 2.5 seconds to go from 24 to 240mm. The accuracy of framing isn't too good. 16 stops are not sufficient to make a precise crop. The optical image stabilization, however, does its job. Although it won't hurt to keep the camera really still, especially in telephoto area. If you select a low ISO, you're bound to have some more stops and a slower shutter speed, which causes the risk of motion blur.
Samsung WB500 Samsung WB500
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