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Samsung WB500 Digital camera review | Introduction
Samsung WB500 digital camera review : Samsung did not really stand out during Photokina 2008. For Samsung, this huge 2-year event, giving the visitor the opportunity to smell, taste and see photography all around, seemed to be a show where only the Samsung prototype camera (now called Samsung WB500) was showcased. Surprising at the very least; while Samsung considers itself a strong market conqueror. Six months later, during PMA 2009 in Las Vegas, I did not only come across a full version of the prototype in question; it turned out that at the same time, an entirely new series of compact cameras has been introduced, accompanied by the official introduction of the Samsung NX concept. The latter is a future hybrid digital camera with a so-called DX image sensor. We expect more to be revealed this summer.

Samsung WB500 features a 24x zoom lens
When it comes to the specifications of the WB500, it really does grab the attention, being the world's first camera with a zoom range of 24mm and a total range of 24-240mm (10x), although Panasonic is rapidly catching up on the WB500 with the LUMIX TZ7, 25-300mm (12x). Nevertheless, Samsung currently holds the top position in the field of wide angle zoom. Additionally, the Samsung WB500 provides 720p HD video and 10 Megapixels resolution. The automation development increases with every generation, and the camera is now able to retouch a face entirely automatically. Skin and skin tones are briefly edited, ensuring that even the standard portrait will get a touch of the digital retouch paintbrush.

Samsung WB500 Megazoom camera
The Samsung WB500 has recently become available worldwide, and has to deal with Canon, Olympus and Panasonic as its nearest rivals, all offering a similar compact camera in their assortment. It is becoming more and more difficult for manufacturers to stand out from the crowd when it comes to product specifications. Items such as user's ease, graphical user interface, format, image quality and, not entirely unimportant; a strong sales price, are all in the hands of the manufacturer/importer, who will eventually come forward stronger and stronger. Especially in the current heavily competitive market.

Samsung WB500 review including a DIWA Labs test
The Samsung WB500 mega zoom digital camera is the first in a segment that has been ruled by Panasonic for the last few years. Samsung has big plans as a digital camera manufacturer, and even states the company won't settle for less than the intended market share. Time to take a close look at the Samsung WB500. We tested the WB500 for a period of time, and in combination with the technical results from the DIWA Lab, we have come to a balanced final conclusion. Our findings can be read in the following Samsung WB500 review.

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Samsung WB500

"The Samsung WB500 digital camera does not only provide a full auto mode, but also offers creative photography for the enhanced photographer. The Samsung WB500 digital megazoom camera is not only able to shoot still-pictures, but also videos in HD quality. The following photo gallery of the Samsung WB500 are taken in Artis Zoo, the Netherlands."

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Samsung WB500 | Digital Camera

  Samsung WB500
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