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Olympus E620 Camera review | Conclusion
Olympus E-620 digital SLR cameras
The assortment of FourThirds digital SLR cameras has been expanded extensively over the last few years, and not without success. Even less than 6 years ago, we got acquainted with the new system (Olympus E-1 introduction). Since then, we have seen a lot of innovations and improvements pass by. Moreover, Olympus initiated various functions that were soon also used by competitive brands. Olympus can be considered a trendsetter, a role the company is entitled to and should claim more frequently. The introduction of the current top model, the E-3, marked the start for a genuine DSLR counterattack, resulting in an entire range of smart digital SLR cameras continuously featuring elements taken directly from the top model.

Olympus E-620 offers a lot of value for money
This brings us to the Olympus E620, a digital camera with an abundance of functionalities, something not seen before on a DSLR in this segment. Anything you could possibly dream of; this camera has a function for it. And if we really go for the differences in quality, we find nearly the same quality on the E-620 as that of the more expensive E-30 and E-3. At first this seems strange; why go for a more expensive DSLR if you can have one for less money with the same quality. The difference is found in a number of items; profundity of the functions, image processing speed and the housing's quality. The Olympus E-620 offers value for money, but if you are looking for more specialism, you can go for the E-30 or E-3 digital SLR camera.

Olympus Evolt E-620 SLR picture quality
The practical and technical test samples show that there is nothing wrong with the image quality of the Olympus E-620. The camera is able to keep up with the more expensive Olympus DSLR cameras that rank above the E-620. Still, we regret the fact that Olympus did not manage to actually improve features such as the signal/noise ratio. Perhaps this is the best possible result with this hardware and software, a new generation will be able to raise the bar in the future. For now, however, we are very pleased with the performance of the Olympus E-620.

Creative shooting with the Olympus E620
If you want to do more than simply shooting in AUTO mode, and if you are looking for a DSLR camera to use your creativity, the Olympus E-620 is pre-eminently the camera to look for. It provides many options and various interesting image solutions; it's only a matter of getting used to the camera. The camera is a pleasant companion. It has the solution to every problem, and if you put a little effort into really getting to know the camera thoroughly, you will have a clever tool at your disposal.

Olympus E-620 SLR photography on a high level
There are cameras offering just a little extra. Something that makes you shoot in a different way, perhaps more consciously. And the Olympus E-620 is such a camera. Granted, the camera is not perfect in all its facets, but it does provide a stunningly wide array of options and clever functionalities. The overall impression of the camera is strong and convincing. Not only does the camera continuously seem to offer more than deemed possible before, it is also able to enter the battle with the competition in its very own way. Take for example the large amount of ZUIKO lenses available for the Olympus E-620. In short, the Olympus E0620 provides digital photography on a high quality level.

Olympus E620 | Digital Camera


Olympus E620
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