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Nikon D5000 | Digital Camera Review | Storage and Energy
Naturally the Nikon D5000 supports the SD platform and therefore the high capacity SDHC memory cards. SDHC is available with a storage capacity of 32GB for which the photographer will have to work hard to fill it up. The Nikon D5000 features a single card slot nicely covered by a well-finished cover. Future (Nikon) DSLR cameras are expected to support the new generation of SDXC memory cards. The specifications of this card have been revealed this year and we're anxious to see the first hardware on the market to support SDXC. SDXC will have a maximum storage capacity of no less than 2TB!
Nikon D5000 | Digital Camera Nikon D5000 | Digital Camera
Nikon D5000 - JPEG & NEF pictures
For now, we will stick to SDHC memory cards. 32GB are not bad at all and enough for the Nikon D5000 photographer to get working with RAW format pictures. If you take pictures in JPEG format, you can make over 4300 picture before your 32GB card is full. The RAW (called NEF by Nikon) pictures generate a larger file size (around 10.6MB) yet have the advantage of being able to be edited afterwards without the camera having edited them. RAW is more a format for the hobby or advanced photographer. It requires some basic photography and editing skills. If you want to get going with the Nikon D5000 in a serious way, I'd suggest you purchase a memory card of at least 4GB.

Considering 4BG of storage capacity:
4288x2848 - NEF (RAW) - 10.6MB - 268 pictures - 268 pics buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - L - 16.7MB - 180 pictures - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - M - 14.0MB - 210 pictures - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - S - 12.1MB - 238 pictures - 7 pics buffer
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Normal) - L - 13.4MB - 215 pictures - 7
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Normal) - M - 12.3MB - 235 pictures - 7
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Normal) - S - 11.3MB - 252 pictures - 7
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Basic) - L - 12.0MB - 238 pictures - 7 pics buffer
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Basic) - M - 11.5MB - 250 pictures - 7 pics buffer
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Basic) - S - 11.0MB - 259 pictures - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 5.9MB - 549 pictures - 63 pictures buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 3.3MB - 969 pictures - 100 pics buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 1.5MB - 2100 pictures - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Normal) - L - 3.0MB - 1000 pictures - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Normal) - L - 1.7MB - 1800 pictures - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Normal) - L - 0.8MB - 4100 pictures - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Basic) - L - 1.5MB - 2100 pictures - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Basic) - L - 0.9MB - 3600 pictures - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Basic) - L - 0.4MB - 7700 pictures - 100 pics buffer
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed & Card reader
The Nikon D5000 digital SLR features a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port at which high resolution files and in this case, also captured videos (maximum of 2GB in size) can be transferred to a notebook or desktop computer. Although the Nikon D5000 is able to transfer these files with high speed through the interface, personally I prefer a fast (FireWire) card reader. I find it the ideal accessory that lets you keep on working with the camera and spares you the fiddling with a separate cable that has to be connected from the camera to an external device.

Nikon D5000 DSLR

Nikon EN-EL9E Li-Ion battery
The Nikon D5000 gets its energy from an EN-EL9E Li-Ion battery. This is different from the one used on the D90, yet the same as the one on the D60. The camera comes with a quick charger, so fully charging a battery takes only 1 hour and a few minutes. According to the standardized CIPA measurements, a fully loaded battery will deliver 510 pictures. In practice, this amount will be less while the pictures will not be taken in a controlled lab environment. Unfortunately there was no documentation included about the energy use with continuous Live View. From experience, we know that the amount of pictures drops drastically in this case.
Nikon D5000 Nikon D5000
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