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Nikon D5000 Camera review | Camera
The design of the Nikon D5000 has not been redesigned completely and it fits perfectly in the Nikon assortment, which is what we would expect from Nikon. It comes down to the fact that the Nikon D5000 is very similar to the current Nikon models within the DSLR assortment. No daring design changes were made which is not odd by any means since the design, and with it also the ergonomics, have proven themselves over the last few years. However, the D5000 DSLR may not be the most compact camera; cameras such as the Olympus E-620 are visibly more compact but once you've held a Nikon DSLR in your hands; you'll feel how it fits like a glove. Its hand-fit is simply perfect, a feature that is typical for a design that does not need any changes.
Nikon D5000 | Digital Camera Nikon D5000 | Digital Camera
Nikon D5000 camera design
Although the Nikon D5000 is compact, it is bulkier than for example the Nikon D60, which shows right away. Looking on the camera's back we know why: the Nikon D5000 features a vari-angle LCD monitor. 'Finally', is the first thought that comes to my mind. Until shortly, Nikon did not consider this kind of multi-functional display to be a necessity despite the fact many competitors mounted it to their cameras. The Nikon D5000 has a rather short and stiff handgrip yet offers enough support and grip. A small disadvantage for those with larger hands is that part of one finger is likely to get crushed against the lens.

Nikon D5000 metal bayonet mount
The red line in the handgrip on the front of the Nikon D5000 makes it a recognizable Nikon camera. The metal bayonet mount supports lenses with a built-in AF engine, that is, if you want to use the auto focus. At the time when Nikon applied this mount for the first time to the Nikon D40, a user had to depend on Nikon as a lens supplier. Nowadays, manufacturers such as Sigma and Tamron also make lenses with a built-in AF engine. A large-sized LED is positioned beside the mount serving as an indicator for the self-timer and as an AF assist light and red eye reduction. The button to unlock a lens is placed on the right side, with above it two buttons of which one serves to adjust the flash settings and a button that can hold various functions.

Top side of the Nikon D5000 SLR
The top side of the Nikon D5000 is the spitting image of the D60. The graphical reproduction of the command dial has slightly changed and the dedicated face detection button was replaced by the INFO button.

Nikon D5000 camera review
If we compare the Nikon D5000's top side to that of the D90, there is a vast difference. In particular, the small status display is a luxury which you lack as Nikon D90 owner. This part of the camera is very clear and has quite a low learning curve. The shutter release is placed quite far forward on the handgrip yet very comfortably right underneath your index finger.

Nikon D5000 vari-angle monitor
The vari-angle monitor on the Nikon D5000 is new, offering the user more flexibility while shooting subjects from a complicated angle. Nikon's explanation as to why the monitor can't be tilted sideways sounds acceptable in theory; in practice we soon come across its downside. Not only does the vari-angle monitor have a limited amount of positions; but also if we mount the Nikon D5000 to a tripod, the monitor can be folded out but it is no longer possible to rotate the monitor. Obviously this is a restriction.

SDHC memory card compartment
The handgrip of the Nikon D5000 is placed on the side offering room in the memory compartment for an SD format memory card. The camera supports Secure Digital (SD) and SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory cards. This offers more than enough storage capacity. We expect Nikon to expand the support of DSLR cameras with SDXC in the future; an enhanced version of the SD platform with a possible growth to 2TB! The handgrip also provides room for the Li-Ion battery; the EN-EL9a. A built-in safety mechanism ensures that the battery stays inside when opening the compartment.

Nikon D5000 SLR
Nikon D5000 Nikon D5000
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