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Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Camera review | Camera
Up until now, Canon's PowerShot SX-series had never come up with a camera featuring compact dimensions like that of the Canon SX200 IS. This undoubtedly also explains why Panasonic's Megazoom cameras are such a success. In any case; Canon enthusiasts are now able to purchase their very own Megazoom compact camera. If we compare the Canon PowerShot SX200IS to the Panasonic TZ7, we find the Canon somewhat bulkier, but other than that, they have the same dimensions.
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot SX200 IS | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot SX200IS handgrip
You can take the Canon PowerShot SX200IS camera along whenever you want, thanks to its dimensions. Although the camera is not a light-weight, ringing in at 220 grams (ex battery and memory card), it is not a problem for your trouser or inside pocket. The Canon SX200 IS camera features a modern-looking handgrip, providing enough grip to keep the camera firmly in your hand. The material used for the housing feels somewhat smooth, yet the slight roughness of the shiny material on the side of the handgrip does provide sufficient stability.

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS zoom lens
The sizeable zoom lens mainly dominates the front of the SX200IS. This is quite logical, while this lens is able to provide a 12x enlargement: 28-336mm. If we compare this to the Panasonic TZ7, which also features a 12x zoom lens, we find that Panasonic managed to squeeze out a tad more wide angle; 25-300mm. It still is quite an achievement to integrate this kind of zoom range in a fairly compact-sized camera. An AF assist lamp is placed left of the lens, which also serves as indicator for the self-timer. The miniscule hole below it is not a manufacturing error; it is in fact the microphone.

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS speaker
The handgrip's shiny side features a cover that feelings somewhat fragile, and hides the HDMI, A/V and USB interfaces. To be honest, the shiny material looks a bit cheap and the material used really feels like plastic, which I think is a minus point for the design. The other side of the camera only contains the built-in speaker.

Canon PowerShot camera test
Canon SX200 IS battery compartment
The bottom of the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS, where the handgrip is, features a cover that hides the Li-ion battery and memory card compartment. Almost in the corner of the bottom, a universal tripod connection offers the possibility of using a tripod. Once the camera is mounted on the tripod, it still lets you change the battery or memory card without having to detach the camera.

Canon PowerShot SX200IS flash
The top side of the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Megazoom camera features the famous command dial with the main programs, an on/off switch, the shutter release button encircled by a zoom ring, and right in the corner, a well-integrated flash that will pop up when activating it. Unlike the Panasonic TZ7, the command dial of the SX200 IS camera is placed and designed in a way that sees to it that the settings will not be changed accidentally. This is often considered a rather annoying flaw of the TZ7.

Canon SX200 IS control center
The control center of the Canon SX200IS looks very well-structured. At first, we find a mere five buttons, however, upon doing some double-check, we find the multi-controller featuring many settings, even proving to be and rotatable. The large-sized 3 inch LCD monitor is perfect to view or share pictures with others. Additionally, the monitor serves to decide on a composition or to change settings through the (shortcut) menu.

Canon PowerShot camera review
Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Canon PowerShot SX200 IS
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