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Canon PowerShot G10 Camera review | Conclusion
Canon PowerShot G10 digital camera
The Canon PowerShot G10 is a sibling of a long range of quality cameras. Or at least that is the overall conclusion from the test. In fact, the PowerShot G camera's concept is enough for awhile although new functions are added to every new generation so as to justify the introduction of a new generation. It comes with an inevitable increase in the numbers of pixels and it is this increase that acts up more and more, which also became clear during the Canon PowerShot G10 review.

Canon PowerShot G10 image quality
If we live the life of a digital photographer who always has enough environmental light when shooting, such as a travelling photographer, the Canon G10 will make the perfect companion. The camera is certainly a challenge for the enhanced photographer and in practice, its performance appealed to us. Still, during testing and the additional technical tests we kept being confronted with the high amount of Megapixels as mentioned before. The small sensor finds it extremely hard to perform well at high ISO values. The dynamic range is fine at low ISO, noise values are excellent at standard ISO of 80 to 200, but; as soon as we are forced to use the high ISO values, we find the overall image quality dropping.

Canon G10 an advanced compact camera
The Canon PowerShot G10 performs superbly at low ISO values and if you know how to use this setting optimally in all circumstances, you will find this camera to be an excellent tool. In this way, you can extract the optimal potential quality of the camera. Another solution is to switch to a compact size DSLR camera and you will not have the previously mentioned disadvantages. The price should not be an obstacle since the G10 belongs to the same price segment as an entry level DSLR. However, is that the purpose of introducing a new generation PowerShots G?

Canon PowerShot G10 an excellent camera
The advanced top model among Canon's advanced cameras is not perfect which brings us immediately to the final conclusion. A perfect camera is rare since there is always room for improvement. The Canon PowerShot G10 is an excellent compact camera with a lot of potential. It features a quality lens with a chromatic aberration sensitive zoom lens as the only minus point. The Canon G10 performs at its best at low ISO values. However, in reality, it is not always possible to use these. And that is the weak area that needs improvement in order to become the 'perfect' compact camera. The Canon PowerShot G10 is recommendable without doubt, although you have to keep in mind that it is not applicable everywhere like a popular DSLR camera would be.

Canon PowerShot G10 | Digital Camera


Canon PowerShot G10
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