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Canon PowerShot G10 Camera review | Control
It makes more sense to use the various features of a digital camera such as the Canon G10 while taking pictures rather than leaving it to shoot in auto mode. The latter is very well possible, but you don't purchase a G10 to only do that. When it comes to operation, the G10 is more similar to a DSLR than an average compact camera. Emphasis is on the many setting options which make this camera ideal for the DSLR photographer to use as second camera.
Canon PowerShot G10 | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot G10 | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot G10 digital compact camera
The auto mode, green or scenes, does exactly what it should do. The type of scene is displayed with a pictogram on the 3-inch monitor. The correct scene can be selected by turning the dial that encircles the multi-functional button on the back. The Canon PowerShot G10 lacks the latest novelty of today's automation. The scenes have to be selected manually. The latest generation cameras, available in the second Quarter of 2009, will provide an onboard auto scene selector. Exposure, sharpness, it all looks neat, but setting these is pretty boring for a photographer.

Shooting RAW pictures with the Canon G10
The enhanced photographer will soon switch to the P/S/A/M mode and manually select the exposure. This makes the camera come close to a DSLR, most certainly when RAW format is used to tread the path of digital editing. If you already have some photography skills, you will see the potential of Canon's G10 camera in no time, but if you just made the switch from a simple compact to an advanced compact camera like the G10, you will probably have a longer learning curve.

G10 Canon PowerShot
Manual settings on the Canon G10
In addition to semi-manual and manual setting options, it is also possible to set the camera with your preferences. The Print-button can be customized and there are two so-called Custom buttons available with various application possibilities. The MyMenu option is new, and provides a shortened menu containing frequently used functions in order to personalize the operation, which makes it faster.

Canon PowerShot G10 camera operation
Despite the Canon G10’s compact size, the weight causes you to operate the camera with two hands. It also works with one hand, however; if you have to rotate a command dial, you will find it hard to do with only one hand. In that case, just use two hands; this also provides extra stability to the camera's optical image stabilizer. Canon opted for operational controls to be accessed through the large screen. This is not bad in itself although I would personally like to see a command dial on the camera's back and one on the front (handgrip) since this provides just a bit more control over the camera without having to depend on the monitor all the time.

Canon PowerShot review
Canon PowerShot G10 Canon PowerShot G10
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