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Canon PowerShot G10 Camera review | Camera
If you're looking for an ultra-compact and light camera, you should not go for the Canon PowerShot G10 since the Canon G10 is a sturdy compact camera that weighs quite a bit. And when it comes to design, personally I don't find it the most attractive camera in the world. However, these are all features that don't have anything to do with a more important factor; the quality. The housing of the G10 feels very solid. The material used for the housing is mainly metal with the exception of two covers (Interfaces and battery compartment). Its weight has increased by 40 grams compared to that of its predecessor.
Canon PowerShot G10 | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot G10 | Digital Camera
Canon G10 camera offers a comfortable grip
The fairly rectangular design of the Canon PowerShot G10 gives it a lot of volume. Once you hold the camera in your hand, it feels quite comfortable. The PowerShot G10 has a minimal grip but it's just enough to get the right feel. The rubber feels pleasantly rough and provides a good grip. The number of buttons is evenly divided on the space on top and on the back side of the camera. The buttons are large, most of them provide an audible click, and they feel good under your fingertips.

Canon PowerShot G10 versus PowerShot G9
From an aesthetic point of view, the Canon PowerShot G10 looks like its predecessor, the G9. The back still has the same 3 inch sized monitor but the resolution has doubled. Several buttons have been moved to a different spot or were given a different function. The Canon G10 benefits from the experience Canon had with the G9, and it continues the evolution of the PowerShot G-series.

5x optical zoom lens on the Canon G10
A large 5x optical zoom lens is found on the front, encircled by a removable ring. This enables the use of optional accessories such as a convertor. The optical viewfinder is placed right above the lens, next to a large LED which not only serves as an AF assist lamp but also as a self-timer indicator and red-eye reduction. The 5x optical zoom provides a focal length ranging from 28-140mm.

Canon PowerShot G10 review
Canon G10 memory & battery compartment
The handgrip contains a well-covered (plastic) lid on the side, hiding several interfaces such as the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed. The bottom of the handgrip holds the Canon NB-7L Lithium-Ion battery, nicely kept in its place by a safety catch, preventing it from falling out when the compartment is opened. The same compartment holds the SD/SDHC memory card. Right next to the lid, Canon has placed the universal (metal) tripod connector. It's nicely fitted in the center, however, if you mount your camera on it, you will not be able to change the battery or memory card unless you demount the camera again.

Canon PowerShot G10 camera setting possibilities
The top of the Canon PowerShot G10 features a wide array of functions. More than one command dial can be found here, one of which has a dual function. This dial has two rotating layers: one for ISO and another one for the main programs such as P/S/A/M and Scenes. The zoom button encircles the shutter release button and has a short pressing point and an almost-instant response. Two of the three rotating layers do not rotate completely but stop at the last pictogram. A click is audible at every setting, which works great in practice.

Canon PowerShot G10 offers a 3" display
The Canon G10's control center is found on the back. An improved, large 3-inch display creates a beautiful reproduction with double the resolution of the G9. To the right of the monitor, the multi-functional button is versatile and in practice easy to operate. The Canon PowerShot G10 allows you to grow with it over time. After awhile, you will be able to find the buttons blindfolded and the PowerShot G10 will become more of a tool, an extension of yourself.

PowerShot G10 review
Canon PowerShot G10 Canon PowerShot G10
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