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Sanyo Xacti C1 Camera review | Camera
The camera is designed by someone with a great feeling for design. The first acquaintance is positive. The camera lies comfortably in your hand straight away and the thumb of the hand places itself instantly on the right spot. By the way the camera can be used easily by right- or left-handed photographers. One who is already accustomed to using a digital camera will have to forget all previous experiences. The Xacti C1 has to be operated in its very own way. The front of the camera exists of a 5.8x optical zoom lens, a remarkable performance by Sanyo, to be able to place such an optical zoom lens in such a compact housing. Right underneath the optical zoom lens, the internal flash is placed. One side of the camera offers room to the handy vari-angle LCD monitor which has a small built-in stereo microphone. When the LCD monitor is folded out, we see a small loudspeaker and an on/off button. The other side contains a battery compartment that is covered by a (plastic) cover. Underneath the cover we find the connection to fasten the carrier strap. The top side only contains one single button to turn the camera into the play or record mode and a small led.
Sanyo Xacti C1 | Digital Camera Sanyo Xacti C1 | Digital Camera
The bottom of the camera has a universal (plastic) tripod connection, which is placed just off the centre of the camera. Actually there wouldn't be room in the centre for it, but one has to bear it in mind when placing the camera on one of these popular flexible tripods. The camera tends to fall forward easily. Beside the off centre placed tripod connection, which means off balance, neither is it possible to change a memory card when the camera is placed on the tripod. Au contraire it is possible to change the battery in the same situation. Last but not least we see an (open) connection to enable connecting the camera onto the standard delivered docking station. This docking station is connected onto a computer via A/C power and via a USB cable. A cable adapter is standard delivered so the camera can be directly connected onto a computer, printer or television. When the camera is placed on the station, it can be operated using the delivered remote control. This remote control also functions with other Sanyo digital cameras that support this function.

The back of the camera is the most 'busy' one compared with the other sides. Five buttons have to deal with all functions of the camera. Compared with competing digital cameras, Sanyo succeeded in making the camera 'button-friendly', on the other side it automatically means that the user often has to activate the menu to change certain settings.
Striking is the large button in the middle of the circle. This button operates the optical zoom lens. The movie recording button is situated on the right and the button to take digital still images is found on the left. Beneath the three large buttons we find a pair of small buttons, one operating as SET button, the other to activate the menu.

The material of the housing consists mainly of artificial material. The camera feels solid, and is the ideal camera to always carry around thanks to its size and its design. The dimensions are only: 69x108x34mm and the weight is approximately 175 grams (battery and memory card included). The design enables a 'free' shooting, nice and loose. The vari-angle monitor enables taking pictures from various angles. The finishing touch is nice, with rounded off corners, the quality of the covers from the memory and battery compartment however is a bit detrimental to the whole of the camera. All in all a special camera that is definitely not plain.
Sanyo Xacti C1 Sanyo Xacti C1
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