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Canon Powershot A2000 IS Camera review | Conclusion
Canon PowerShot A2000 IS digital camera
The Canon PowerShot A2000 IS camera has a lot to offer. Perhaps so much as far as manual settings are concerned, but a lot in the sense of ease and user-friendliness. The many auto image solutions and handy scenes do make the life of a photographer a lot easier. The camera will certainly appeal to the snapshot photographer, more so when the Easy Mode is selected. And that is a clear sign that the A2000 IS camera will be less appealing to the more creative photographer.

Canon PowerShot A2000IS image quality
The ease of operation convinces, although we did encounter an unacceptable effect. Recharging the internal flash after taking a flash picture takes too long and puts the photographer's patience to the test. Especially if you're ready to capture a nice shot of children indoors, which you fail to capture because the flash is not charged quickly enough, this effect may frustrate you. We can't recommend to deactivate the flash and to rely on a high ISO either. Although the increased resolution of 10 Megapixels has more potential to work with crops or to make a larger print-out, it also processes more noise. And this noise is clearly visible at ISO 800. The noise reduction has to work hard causing detail loss at ISO 400.

Color reproduction of the Canon A2000 IS
Color reproduction of the Canon PowerShot A2000 IS compact camera is nice and consistent. The colors are vivid and hardly to not at all saturated, making them look natural. The white balance performs superbly and is able to cope with incandescent light indoors. The effective working image stabilizer is very much noticeable, ensuring the camera does not have to use high ISO values that quickly in normal light circumstances.

Canon PowerShot A2000 IS review conclusion
The Canon PowerShot A2000 IS camera may not be a perfect camera; we enjoyed working with it tremendously. All the functions are in a logical spot and the large monitor on the back makes it easy to identify with the subject. For the creative photographer it is a pity the manual settings have disappeared, since these made the PowerShot A cameras unique. On the other hand, the simplicity that comes with it has its advantages too. Despite the comments on the image quality of higher ISO values and the patience you need for flash photography, the road Canon is taking with the new Canon PowerShot A2000 IS is mainly successful. Some more focus on the image quality and Canon holds yet another camera that stands out.

Canon Powershot A2000 IS | Digital Camera


Canon Powershot A2000 IS
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