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Canon Powershot A2000 IS Camera review | Control
Compact and simple to use, is in short what the A2000 IS aims for, and how Canon presents the camera. Even more than before, the emphasis seems to lie on user-friendliness. There are even three auto modes working fully automatically, making manual actions superfluous, step-by-step, at which the last setting is fully automatic even deactivating the most basic buttons. And the thought behind this is not so strange at all; indeed, just press and there you go: your picture is ready.
Canon Powershot A2000 IS | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A2000 IS | Digital Camera
Focussing with the Canon A2000 IS
The Canon PowerShot A2000 IS has an average start-up time and is ready to take its first picture in approximately one second. Zooming is not ultrafast; it takes place at an average speed. From wide-angle to telephoto takes around two seconds. The large monitor lets you easily check sharpness and composition of the picture. In bright sunshine, the view is less clear, however, it is still possible to use the monitor effectively. The grid function comes in handy; it is a raster that makes it easy to keep vertical or horizontal lines straight.

Image stabilizer & Motion Detection technology
The 6x optical zoom is supported by an effective image stabilizer. This system offers three settings; continuous, working when taking a single shot or when panning. Pictures taken with and without the use of stabilization prove the surplus value of it; it makes the difference for a successful, sharp picture or a failed, blurred picture. The so-called 'Motion Detection' technology is new on the A2000 IS. This function automatically detects motion of the subject and anticipates by predicting the most optimal exposure and ISO prior to taking the picture. Just like face detection, this function is extremely handy when making standard pictures of family and friends. Face detection takes care of an optimum setting of white balance, auto focus and exposure as well as detecting and recognizing faces.

Automatic functions on the PowerShot A2000IS
As user, you will not notice the earlier mentioned enhanced auto functions. You can focus on shooting and leave optimizing of exposure, sharpness etc, to the camera.

Canon A2000 IS
For users without any pretentions, it is a joy and perhaps even a relief, however, for the more creative photographer, it is a lack, since it was the manual functionality that made the PowerShot A camera so very interesting.

Canon PowerShot A2000 IS camera settings
The user interface of the Canon PowerShot A2000 IS camera is quite straightforward. This camera also provides the FUNC button with direct access to image quality, white balance, exposure correction, image effects etc. The large screen displays all the settings well-structured and with the multi-functional buttons you can navigate through them easily and fast. Besides capturing still pictures, the camera is also able to capture videos in a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels (VGA). High Definition has not (yet) become available with these entry-level models; however, looking at the latest developments, it won't be long before it does.

Flash photography with the Canon PowerShot A2000IS
The Canon PowerShot A2000 IS comes with AA format batteries. These batteries are available worldwide, as well as cheap in price. This could be considered positive, if it weren't for the fact that in practice a most unpleasant effect occurs. When using the flash to shoot, the first picture will turn out fine; but if you want to make a second picture with the use of the flash, you will have to be patient for quite a while. Literally many seconds later, we counted 8 seconds with the use of a new set of batteries; the flash is ready again to take another picture. This is unacceptable for a camera such as the Canon A2000 IS, even more so because we expect this camera to be a typical 'family camera' that will be used indoors frequently.

Canon PowerShot camera
Canon Powershot A2000 IS Canon Powershot A2000 IS
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