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Canon Powershot A2000 IS Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon PowerShot A2000 IS digital camera review : During the last weeks of the summer of 2009, Canon introduced several cameras. The compact camera series also contained a pair of PowerShot A models; the A1000 IS and the A2000 IS. The model we tested, the Canon PowerShot A2000, successor to the A720 IS camera, differentiates itself from the A-Series when it comes to its design, which features more obvious lines. The appearance of the camera has undergone a vast change, and the same applies to the functionality of this new PowerShot A digital camera.

Canon PowerShot A-series digital cameras
The PowerShot A-Series has always stood out by offering just a tad more functionality than competing entry-level cameras. If you went through the specifications, you would rank the camera higher than its actual place; since, in addition to auto settings and a user-friendly operation, the camera also offered the luxury of manual operation for aperture and shutter priority. With these features, Canon offered more functionality, i.e. more photography, for the same price, from which the photographer certainly benefitted, whilst the enthusiast amateur could enjoy it as a nice extra.

Canon A2000IS camera functionality
With the introduction of the Canon PowerShot A2000IS, the enhanced manual setting possibility seems to have disappeared. The possibility for the slow shutter speed mode, which allows you to select a slow shutter speed, is still available. By not applying the aforementioned interesting options, the Canon A2000 IS seems devaluated on paper when it comes to enhanced manual settings. What you get in return, however, are enhanced auto settings and innovative image solutions. This is a different set of possibilities.

Canon PowerShot A2000 IS review
What has remained is the 6x optical zoom combined with an image stabilization system. And like its competitors, Canon is unable to resist equipping this newcomer with a higher amount of pixels. For the PowerShot A2000 IS, it means an increase from the 8 Megapixels offered by its predecessor (A720 IS), to 10 Megapixels. Whether the revitalization of the PowerShot works as well in practice as its predecessors, can be read in the following Canon PowerShot A2000IS review.

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Canon PowerShot A2000 IS

"Canon's latest series of PowerShot A cameras has undergone a change, internally as well as externally. The Canon A2000 IS is an entry-level compact camera with emphasis on user-friendliness and simplicity, and has certainly gone through a design change. The following Canon PowerShot A2000 IS sample photos are taken in Amsterdam, The Netherlands."

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Canon Powershot A2000 IS | Digital Camera

  Canon Powershot A2000 IS
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