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Samsung NV24 HD Camera review | Conclusion
Samsung NV24HD a unique digital compact camera
The Samsung NV24HD is a compact camera with a totally unique appearance. If you line up ten cameras, you will easily pick out het NV24HD. The design is fashionable and makes the camera stand out from the crowd. Despite the compact design, the handy grip offers solid grip. Although the other material of the housing does have a luxurious feel to it, it is also slippery at the same time. The size is compact enough to carry the camera in your trouser pocket.

Samsung NV24 HD lens quality
The optical range of 24-86mm (3.6x zoom) of the camera is limited for the masses. The serious photographer will appreciate the focal range and will perhaps be attracted to the 24mm wide-angle. As for sharpness, the lens center offers superb sharpness, whereas the edges suffer from blur which needs improvement. Furthermore, the Schneider-KREUZNACH lens suffers from chromatic aberration. The distortion at 24mm we take for granted, since it can be easily corrected with Photoshop. Still, we expected just a bit more from this lens. We are not pleased with the control of noise. In general, the image quality is fine as long as we shoot in well-lit circumstances and we are not too demanding. It's because of items such as signal/noise ratio that affect the overall image quality in a negative way.

Samsung NV24HD camera operation
The Samsung NV24HD's operation is unique and I must admit it needs time to get used to. You'd even put the camera aside because of it and wonder why on earth Samsung opted to design its interface like this. Until you step out of yourself and your perhaps slightly conservative way of thinking and just start working with the camera. Then it turns out it isn't too bad, and just a matter of adjusting your mind. The functions of the camera are accessible directly and fast, thanks to this unique operation and they are also well-structured. It's very daring of Samsung and it's bound to catch the attention.

Samsung NV24HD review conclusion
Regarding its concept, the Samsung NV24HD is a beautiful camera with a unique style. Not only its design, also its operation. It's a style that should appeal to you. And this is a risk Samsung takes, because it already excludes a part of the brand's consumers. In addition, the specifications of the Samsung NV24HD seem to aim at the more serious photographer, considering the focal length of the lens and the setting possibilities. Considering all of this, I would have liked RAW support and a better control over noise that is now just all too visible. I consider the Samsung NV24HD a camera with potential that threatens to be left hanging in the middle. It's not really a camera for the masses, nor is it a genuine camera for the serious photographer. Perhaps 2009 will be the year for a new Samsung NV camera to seize its chance.

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Samsung NV24 HD | Digital Camera


Samsung NV24 HD
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