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Samsung NV24 HD Camera review | Adjustments
Upon arrival of a Samsung NV24HD test sample, it is tested in our DIWA Lab. The technical data of the rigorous tests are processed and translated into understandable data. Inside the lab, testing takes place in standardized circumstances. An environment in which cameras, both compact and system concepts can be compared without a problem. Besides that, the Samsung NV24HD compact camera is extensively used in practice and evaluated as for operation and shooting in practice. This combination of lab tests and the testing in practice, results in a final conclusion that is carefully reviewed.
Samsung NV24 HD | Digital Camera Samsung NV24 HD | Digital Camera
Samsung NV24HD colour reproduction
Reference for testing the color retention is the Gretag Macbeth Color Checker. Lab results show reasonable color retention of the Samsung NV24 up to and including ISO 400. High ISO values differ more from the Color checker. And the same goes for the white balance measurement. Up to and including 400 ISO the Samsung NV24HD performs well without hardly any visible color cast. At ISO 800 it peaks and the risk of color cast is high, even with a manually set white balance. Surprisingly, this improves at 1600 ISO to score only reasonable at ISO 3200.

Sensitivity of the sensor
One item within the technical tests is measuring the actual sensitivity of the sensor. This may differ from the claimed specifications. However, differences of 20-25% are no exception. The sensor of the Samsung NV24HD offers a totally different sensitivity range. It's astonishing to find a difference of 65%! It means that while you think you're shooting at a low ISO of 80, you are actually shooting at ISO 164. And 200 ISO equals 400, 400 equals 800. This makes it understandable why 400 ISO is the limit to still get the maximum quality.

Samsung NV24HD signal/noise ratio
The signal/noise ratio is reasonably well-controlled although nowhere near superb, not even at 80 and 100 ISO values. Up to 400 ISO, the Samsung NV24HD performs consistently. At 800 ISO noise is noticeable. I would not recommend using the higher ISO values because of the poor quality picture they deliver, unless it is of great importance to capture the object, but then you will have to take the large amount of noise for granted. We were expecting more from the signal/noise ratio, especially at lower ISO values.

NV24HD Samsung camera
Samsung NV24 HD dynamic range
The dynamic range of the Samsung NV24Hd performs decently up to and including ISO 400. The ability of rendering well the details in the light and dark areas of a picture with high contrast is available, although barely. It's a question of properly exposing the images to get optimal use of the dynamic range. From ISO 800 performance drops, the light areas are white-washed and the dark areas become black blotches.

Schneider-KREUZNACH lens
Although the brand name Schneider-KREUZNACH makes some photography hearts beat faster, the performance in practice and the measurements in the DIWA lab show the reality. The sharpness of the lens in wide angle is superb in the center, but towards the edges blur becomes noticeable. The lens performs well for the remaining focal lengths in the center, but blur in the edges spoils the overall result. In particular the 85mm telephoto shows a lot of blur towards the edges. Considerable distortion is noticeable in wide-angle. As expected, wide-angle produces visible distortion, although we did not expect this quantity. The remaining focal lengths hardly suffer from it. Something else that pops up is vignetting, equally noticeable. There is not a lot you can do about it, other than be alert when shooting, which is something you definitely do not want to have to worry about when working with a compact camera.

Chromatic aberration
Another phenomenon that frequently occurs while testing is chromatic aberration. This purple fringing can be corrected by the in-camera software, although there are not that many brands that actually apply this to their compact camera line. The Samsung NV24HD really suffers from it, particularly at wide angle in rich-contrast situations, where chromatic aberration is clearly noticeable. Even annoying at times, and it does not add to the overall experience of the image quality. In telephoto, this effect is also visible; only a lot less which is why you're more easily satisfied.

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Samsung NV24 HD Samsung NV24 HD
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