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Samsung NV24 HD Camera review | Control
It only takes one second for the Samsung NV24HD to be ready to use. If you set the camera to AUTO, all the settings will be controlled by the camera and all you have to do is make your composition, zoom and press the shutter release. The zoom range of the Schneider-KREUZNACH lens is slightly limited, where telephoto is concerned. The 86mm that the lens offers also makes it difficult to shoot a portrait and you will have to be very close to the person you want to capture to be able to do so. Zooming from wide angle (24mm) to telephoto is fast. Composition can be decided in eight stops. This is not all that precise; and you will find on more than one occasion that you zoom either a little more or a little less than intended.
Samsung NV24 HD | Digital Camera Samsung NV24 HD | Digital Camera
Samsung NV24HD camera operation
The operation of the Samsung NV24HD is unique. It comes down to; either you like it, or you hate it. First of all, the 2.5 inch monitor of the camera serves as control center. All actions are displayed and dealt with on the screen. The buttons around the monitor are black and there is no indication as to what their functions are. On the screen, a symbol on the same level as the button shows the function of the related button. Via a button from one row, you have to select the main function and via a button of the other row, you then select the setting of that function.

Samsung NV24HD touch buttons
The so-called 'touch buttons' respond to the finger skin. A soft touch already activates the button. It takes some time to get used to, although in itself, the operation is very direct and also interesting. Personally, I prefer buttons with pictograms/symbols on them and perhaps a more traditional way of operation. It's simply a matter of taste, although I give the Samsung NV24HD the benefit of the doubt. The user interface nicely fits the design, and together they prove a nice match.

Samsung NV-24HD
M-mode on the Samsung NV24HD
Full auto operation as well as an M mode is offered by the NV24HD. The M setting enables manual setting of the shutter speed (S) and the aperture (A). Shutter speeds are displayed on a horizontal line on the monitor, after which the desired shutter speed should be selected by stroking the row buttons below the monitor. For many photographers, this will be just 'too much'. Perhaps a preset of the shutter range would have been somewhat more direct.

Samsung NV24HD for the serious photographer
The Samsung NV24HD finds itself in between an entry-level model and an advanced compact camera when it comes to its setting possibilities. As for design and housing; it is clearly a luxurious camera although it does lack the RAW format option. This is contrary to the 24-86mm lens that has clear photography pretensions. It's not compulsory to walk the same path as your competitors; however, a camera such as the Panasonic LUMIX LX3 has just a tad more functionality to offer the serious photographer.

Samsung camera
Samsung NV24 HD Samsung NV24 HD
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