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Samsung NV24 HD Camera review | Camera
The design of the Samsung NV24HD makes the camera stand out from the crowd. Entirely black, partially with black lacquer, a front with its very own appearance and a back that is unique for its button layout, are all signs of what the Samsung designer department is able to come up with. Despite the compact and thin size, the Samsung NV24HD is not light. The material used for the body feels solid and offers a steady hand-fit.
Samsung NV24 HD | Digital Camera Samsung NV24 HD | Digital Camera
Schneider-Kreuznach zoom lens
The front of the NV24HD features an AF sensor as well as a self-timer indicator LED and a Schneider-KREUZNACH zoom lens. This is a famous brand name from the past that used to equal optical quality for the older generation, however, not necessarily for today's lenses. Using a famous brand name for optics is of greater importance nowadays. The technical lens measurements from the DIWA Labs will be discussed later on in this review. The 3.6x optical zoom with a range of 24-86 (35mm equivalent) seems scarce compared to other popular compact cameras, although still interesting enough for the serious photographer. The Samsung NV24HD features a stylishly designed housing with a vertical stripe to offer more grip. Other than that, the housing feels quite slippery.

Samsung NV24 HD camera design
The top of the Samsung NV24HD has command dials on both sides, which is quite unique. The dial on the right side next to the shutter release button is the so-called 'mode dial'. This button offers direct access to the main programs. The second command dial, on the opposite site, is the Picture Styles button. This button offers access to the photo effects. In my opinion, this is quite an expensive spot for a function like this. In the center of the top side, the flash is positioned that will pop up when activated.

Samsung NV24HD Test
LCD monitor of the Samsung NV24HD
The back shows a 2.5 inch LCD monitor. The Samsung NV24HD could easily do with a larger monitor, however; the unique way of operation and the required buttons underneath and to the left of the monitor take up all the room. The small solid button top right is used to zoom in or out. The back seems nice and quiet, with only a few pictograms or symbols.

Samsung NV24HD tripod mount
The bottom of the camera contains a universal tripod mount directly beneath the zoom lens. If you use a small tripod head, you might still be able to access the compartment where the Li-Ion battery and the SD/SDHC memory card are hidden. The compartment is well-covered by a lid. The Li-Ion battery is kept in its place by a safety catch.

Samsung NV24HD compact camera
The Samsung NV24HD is a beautifully finished compact camera with small dimensions. The size lets you easily carry the camera around in your trouser or inside pocket. The material of the housing feels quite slippery, so do keep a strong grip on the camera. The Samsung NV24HD has an exceptional appearance.

Samsung NV24
Samsung NV24 HD Samsung NV24 HD
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