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Samsung NV24 HD Digital camera review | Introduction
Samsung NV24HD digital camera review : At the beginning of last year, Samsung made itself heard by introducing a whole new series of digital compact cameras. However, the second half of last year proved to be the opposite. Everybody expected to hear from Samsung at the Photokina show where the brand was attending alright, but no camera introductions were actually made. This was quite remarkable indeed, since an event like the 2-yearly Photokina show, the world's biggest event in the field of imaging, is simply the place to show your abilities as a camera manufacturer.

Samsung digital camera division
This year, Samsung started off with the introduction of several new compact cameras. Perhaps in February 2009, if the division and transfer of the camera department to an entirely independent department are realized along with a different strategy, the Korean company will again show its power. For this test, we selected the Samsung NV24HD. Although introduced last year, still a very current camera.

10 Megapixel Samsung NV24 HD
The Samsung NV24HD features a 10 Megapixel image sensor and a Schneider-Kreuznach Varioplan 3.6x optical zoom. The camera also boosts a 2.5 inch monitor and is able to capture videos in a higher resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This is where the name, NV24HD, stems from. As for its features; the Samsung NV24HD is quite a standard compact camera, at which design and an innovative way of operation should make the difference.

Samsung NV24HD review including a DIWA Labs test
The Samsung NV24HD belongs to the NV series, ranked somewhat higher in the compact camera segment where design plays a slightly bigger role. Samsung reaches its market share in the entry-level segment with ease, and is able to obtain excellent sales numbers. The higher and somewhat more expensive segment seems to cause the Korean electronics giant some problems. Of course, it is a crowded segment and Samsung battles many renowned camera brands with lots of experience. Whether the Samsung NV24HD is able to make the difference can be read in the following Samsung NV24HD review.

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Samsung NV24 HD | Digital Camera

  Samsung NV24 HD
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