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Nikon D700 Digital camera review | Introduction
Nikon D700 digital SLR review : Until the Nikon D700 came around, many Nikon DSLR users were a bit jealous of Canon users. The EOS 5D was a reasonably compact camera with a full-frame image sensor, something Nikon lacked. Luckily for the Nikonians, Nikon solved this problem with the introduction of the D700. The Nikon D700 features the same sensor as the more expensive D3 which has already proven itself. In combination with the EXPEED processor, the sensor performs well, particularly with high ISO values. Many Nikon photographers had high hopes for this feature. Meanwhile Canon launched the successor to the 5D; the 5D Mark II, with many more pixels, however that kind of improvement is no longer impressive. It shouldn't keep Nikon users from selecting the D700. Pixel amounts are not everything!

Nikon D700 for the professional photographer
You may assume that the Nikon D700 is a D300 with a different sensor. This is not so. The Nikon D700 is slightly bigger than the D300 and has several features that are unknown to the D300. Nor is the D700 the successor to the D300, the latter will remain available in the Nikon assortment. You could consider the D700 as a mini D3. Nikon tries to give their users as many choices as possible. Naturally there are many similarities between the two models. And that is typical of Nikon. If you hop from one model to the other, you will always find a familiar body in your hands and it won't take long before the camera feels like your own again.

Nikon D700 SLR camera body
The specifications of the Nikon D700 digital SLR camera are impressive. From all perspectives it's clear the camera is targeted to the professional user. The body is weatherproof, not as good as the professional Nikon D3, yet quite significant. The 12 Megapixels of resolution are enough for most jobs. More pixels may sound nice, it does ask even more from the optics. The same AF system used on the top model is used on the D700; the Multi-CAM 3500FX 51 points AF system. To date; this auto focus system is unsurpassed! The eleven focus points and the 3D AF tracking keep Nikon lonely at the top. Pictures are converted with the EXPEED processor which has proven itself in practice. Unlike the D3, the Nikon D700 does have a dust removal system. This makes the D700 the first full-frame Nikon camera to feature this.

Nikon D700 review with DIWA Labs test
Since the introduction of the Nikon D3 and D300, Nikon has certainly chosen a different strategy. The Japanese photo giant seems to have undergone a striking change, from a conservative manufacturer setting its own pace to a more open corporation with continual new product launches. Within no-time at all, Nikon has improved its position in the photography market in both the amateur and professional segment alike. We tested the Nikon D700 extensively with various lenses. Naturally the camera went through the rigorous testing procedures of the DIWA test lab, too. The performance results of the tests conducted on the new Nikon SLR can be read in the following Nikon D700 review.

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Nikon D700 preview

"Remarkable features of the Nikon D700 DSLR are a solid built camera body, an out-side look of the Nikon D300, but remarkable comparable with the inside of the Nikon D3, Image Sensor Cleaning, 5 fps and the praised image sensor also found in the D3. During a business trip to Monaco I had some time to shoot sample photos with the new Nikon D700. Unfortunately the sun was shining with high temperatures, so high ISO photos were out of the question. "

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Nikon D700 | Digital Camera

  Nikon D700
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