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Olympus E-30 Camera review | Camera
Although at first glance, the Olympus E-30 looks quite similar when it comes to the appearance of the E-3, the housings do differ vastly. We find a number of new buttons, and other buttons have either been replaced or have disappeared all together. What stayed is the perfect hand-fit. With a handgrip that fits as a glove and an acceptable weight, the Olympus E30 fits solidly and pleasantly in the hand. The buttons on the back of the camera next to the monitor are directly accessible with the thumb of your right hand, which adds to a swift operation.
Olympus E-30 | Digital Camera Olympus E-30 | Digital Camera
Topside of the SLR camera
The topside of the camera shows a fairly large monitor displaying various settings directly visible. For example, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, image quality and so on. A more extensive display is at hand on the large 2.7 inch monitor. New is the familiar command dial placed top left on the camera. It is well-structured as well as quickly accessible, and carries the familiar settings such as P/A/S/M, scenes and the new ART scene. The button can be rotated almost entirely, and every setting has a clearly audible and noticeable click.

E-30 features a 2.7" LCD monitor
The majority of the buttons are logically positioned on the back of the camera, and they too are directly accessible. The buttons have dual functions, yet are still easy to understand and apply. The vary-angle monitor has been enlarged in size to 2.7 inch, however, this does not apply to its resolution. It's a pity the 3 inch size and the VGA resolution of the competitor was not possible, however, you do get a flexible monitor in return. This functionality is extremely handy in practice and it strikes me how often I use this possibility during the testing of the Olympus E-30.

Professional digital SLR
Live View function on the Olympus E-30
I can imagine that the improved speed of focusing when using Live View in combination with the vari-angle monitor makes you use the optical viewfinder a lot less frequently. The optical viewfinder offers approximately 98% coverage and a 1.02 enlargement. Surprisingly, the viewfinder proves excellent for the glasses-wearing photographer. The viewfinder is not as large as that of the E-3, however, with the more frequent use of the Live View monitor, I doubt anyone will lose a night’s sleep over it.

Olympus E-30 supports FourThirds lens assortment
The Olympus E-30 is a FourThirds System camera with which full support of the entire FourThirds assortment becomes available. The battery is similar to the one used in the E-3 and the E-520 which makes it easy for switchers or second DSLR camera users to be able to exchange. The camera features a handy dual card slot, as well as the somewhat less handy option of using an xD Picture card. Understandable, but isn't it time to just give in to the seemingly unstoppable rise of the SD/SDHC memory cards? xD only offers a maximum capacity of 2GB, whilst SDHC offers no less than 32GB.

Olympus digital camera review
Olympus E-30 Olympus E-30
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