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Olympus E-30 Digital camera review | Introduction
Olympus E-30 digital SLR camera review : With the introduction of the Olympus E-30, a pro-consumer digital SLR camera becomes available by Olympus for the first time. The camera's target group are those users who don't really care for a solid housing that withstands all weather types, yet have strong demands when it comes to the specifications. The Olympus E-30 was officially mentioned for the first time during the Photokina in September of this year. At that moment, the camera still only existed in beta status, however, it was introduced worldwide very fast in November and is now actually available.

Olympus E-30 camera design
The new Olympus E30 is built based on the FourThirds system, continuing the line that was built-up over the last few years according to the expectations. The E30 is quite similar to the high-end camera; the E-3, although it comes with a less all-round magnesium housing. The E30's housing is made of plastic, strengthened by fiberglass. The water resistant and dustproof features of the housing are exclusively reserved for the housing of the E-3. The viewfinder of the Olympus E-30 offers approximately 98% coverage, whilst the E-3 offers 100%. And there are a few more setting possibilities on the E-3 that take things a bit further compared to the Olympus E-30.

Olympus E30 equipped with TruePic III processor
However, not all was skipped by the design department, on the contrary even; the Olympus E-30 uses the E-3 technology and has evolved further, making this model ready to face the battle with its rivals. The 11-point AF system has been copied from the E-3 and has even been improved in the Olympus E-30. There is a possibility to fine-tune 20 lenses; something that was never before offered by Olympus. Furthermore, a renewed processor is used, the TruePic III. Not only does the Olympus E-30 raise expectations of an improved image editing, it also offers a so-called Art Filter function. This functionality is integrated in the hardware of the TruePic and enables carrying out filter effects in an optimized way. Instead of simply editing with a filter effect, exposure, color range and color tone are taken into consideration in the image editing. A type of advanced image editing inside the hardware of the camera itself.

Olympus E-30 review with DIWA Labs test
More than enough reason to try the new 12.3 Megapixel Olympus E-30 in practice. We were very curious to learn about the improvements and differences between the E-520 and E-3 models; the two DSLR cameras that have the Olympus E-30 in their centre. Besides the test in practice, the Olympus E-30 is also thoroughly tested in our DIWA Lab, where these products are put through standardized tests in the same lab circumstances. Our findings can be read in the following Olympus E-30 review.

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Olympus E-30

"The Olympus E-30 digital SLR camera is in fact an Olympus E-3 for the demanding amateur who does not need a housing suitable for heavy use and difficult circumstances. In addition, the camera features several interesting novelties on the creative side. A visit to the Railway museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands, means frequent use of high ISO values. I left the creative filters for what they are and instead focused more on exposure, focus, Live View and ISO performance."

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Olympus E-30 | Digital Camera

  Olympus E-30
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