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Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Camera review | Conclusion
Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Megazoom camera
Canon continues the trend of the Megazoom cameras with the PowerShot SX10 IS. The future will tell whether or not this is an ongoing process. For now, the combination is a whole lot of optical zoom, compact housing and stabilization, a strong combination. Enough to withstand the digital SLR growing in popularity. And whether or not the new system will become competing, for example the Micro FourThirds System of Panasonic and Olympus, also remains to be seen. These systems have yet to prove themselves in practice. For now the Megazoom holds the strongest trump.

Target audience of the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS
The Canon PowerShot SX10 IS camera is a pleasant camera to work with in practice. And to be honest, it’s a camera with an entry level so low that I find this camera suitable for a very large group. And whether or not you are a truly inexperienced user, the camera offers efficient and simple automated solutions, which makes it extremely accessible. The menu too leaves nothing to desire when it comes to clarity. Now and then, a symbol might appear that is not familiar, however, the manual will help in that case.

Canon SX10 IS offers good image quality
From a technical viewpoint, the Canon SX10 IS finds itself on a high level. The camera does prove itself and delivers sharp pictures with natural colors, all of which with extensive users ease. The dynamic range is of an excellent level and delivers pictures that also show a lot of detail even in full contrast situations. The large optical zoom range of the 20x zoom is nice to work with in practice. No tripod is needed to capture sharp images at a large distance, thanks to the effective optical image stabilization. Hardly any distortion, if even any at all, is visible which is a joy for the final result is.

Canon lens shows chromatic aberration
We would almost have obtained a perfect result, had it not been for the clear presence of chromatic aberration that spoils it all. Not completely unexpected, although this amount does surprise, the chromatic aberration adds negatively to the image quality. Although not visible in every picture, since not every picture contains elements sensitive to this effect, however; it appears in those pictures with high contrast and sharp lines standing out around a subject, that we notice the purple edges that influence the final result. This is a pity and it is also a pity Canon does not seem able to correct this effect inside the camera software-based.

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS a ideal all-round camera
It casts a slur on the overall picture. Other than that, the Canon PowerShot is a strong candidate to be the overall winner of the current Megazoom cameras. For now, the choice is up to the end user. And fair is fair; the technical lab tests merciless show the weak spots of a camera. It doesn’t always have to be like that in practice, since shooting conditions do differ vastly. The overall picture quality is of a high level and the Canon SX10 IS offers excellent users ease, as well as a swift response and is an ideal all-round camera.

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS | Digital Camera


Canon PowerShot SX10 IS
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