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Nikon D90 Camera review | Control
A DSLR like the Nikon D90 offers a lot, or rather; a heck of a lot of possibilities for the amateur photographer. And the whole secret is to offer all these possibilities in a user-friendly way, since the user should not be overwhelmed. In practice, it turned out we did not have to worry about it. It's not without reason that the well-known green AUTO mode is found on the command dial. If one chooses to use it, no thoughts have to be made about any camera setting whatsoever.
Nikon D90 | Digital Camera Nikon D90 | Digital Camera
Adjusting photographic settings
However, you don't just buy the Nikon D90 for its beautiful appearance only. Besides high expectations about the image quality, the average user is up for the occasional creative shooting as well. Preset scenes can be directly accessed through the large command dial. Every one of these scenes puts emphasis on a specific feature of the image. One step further, you might want to try the (S) shutter speed priority, or (A) Aperture priority, a semi-auto action at which it is fairly easy to influence motion and depth of field, among other things.

Judging recorded photos via the monitor
The large 3 inch monitor is perfect to check the captured pictures. Naturally, the enhanced resolution of VGA quality plays a vital role. Zooming in on the captured picture is excellent and enhances the chance of a sharp picture. The status of the small monitor is also displayed on the large monitor in sizeable, clear figures and characters. The large monitor offers direct access to change ISO, white balance, image quality etc, without having to dive into the menu. In fact, both monitors offer this option. The advantage of using the smaller monitor is that it does not guzzle up that much energy. The additional bar with shortcuts at the bottom of the display comes in handy. The INF button (depress twice) in combination with the navigator lets you select one of the functions such as D-Lighting, Image effects or noise reduction at high ISO etc, in a fairly direct manner. Additionally, it is possible to dedicate a function to the so-called FUNC button on the front of the camera, very convenient!

Live View function on the Nikon D90
Live View adds to the use of the large monitor, offering possibilities that were unthinkable up to now. Pressing the button once, activates the Live View function quickly; an improvement compared to the D300 and D3.

D90 Flash
The most remarkable feature, however, is the option to capture motion pictures. Don't get too excited, think twice before getting rid of your camcorder. The moment a DSLR is able to replace a camcorder or vice versa, is simply not yet there. After testing in practice, I can't but conclude that this function can offer some nicely captured videos, however, capturing video with the Nikon D90 is not by any means suitable yet for the average amateur.

Film function on the Nikon D90
It definitely takes some time and effort to capture a scene comparable to the quality of scene captured by a camcorder. First of all, the fact that the auto focus does not work while capturing a motion picture. For moving objects, like children, this is a disaster. Although you can focus manually, in practice this is quite difficult. Besides that, the camera's design is not ergonomically fit whilst filming; the camera now all of a sudden doesn't feel right in your hand. Video recording with a DSLR; a nice gimmick, however, not yet ready for the masses.

Nikon D90 boosts a retouch mode
Those who like to edit pictures and work with a picture editing program should try the retouch mode of the Nikon D90. This function is considerably more limited than a full package, however, in practice this retouch mode is surprisingly efficient. The mode was newly introduced in the D40, Nikon's first entry-level DSLR model. All the editions are made afterwards whilst the original always remains stored on the card. Some editions are just fun to use, like a 'Fun' effect, others are convenient, such as converting from RAW to JPEG with an abundance of possibilities whilst converting, and in addition D-Lighting, aligning or adjusting the horizon or even correct distortions that can appear at wide angle and telephoto pictures.

Nikon D90 camera
Nikon D90 Nikon D90
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