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Nikon D90 Camera review | Camera
I still find it striking having to conclude that every Nikon body feels solid. Whether it's an amateur DSLR or a high-end professional camera, the selected material for the housing always has a high quality feel to it. This is also the case for the Nikon D90; a camera that looks very similar to its predecessor and feels fine from the very first instant. It offers a strong handgrip, excellent hand-fit and a practical weight that makes the D90 fit perfectly in your hand, or at least, in my hand. It may be clear; Nikon has its own ideas of what a DSLR-housing requires and keeps quality on a high level.
Nikon D90 | Digital Camera Nikon D90 | Digital Camera
Nikon D90 with AF-S DX 18-105 mm zoom lens
A metal bayonet shows on the front of the camera. The test sample was standard delivered with an AF-S DX 18 - 105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR zoom lens, equivalent to a range of 27 - 157.5mm at 35mm format. In addition to the standard lens, the camera offers support to an abundance of lenses, among which the Type G and D AF Nikkor lenses without built-in motor. Other AF Nikkor lenses are supported as for their functions, except for 3D color matrix metering II. The line of lenses is very well thought-out, and seems to meet all the requirements of the target group.

Memory & Battery compartment
A card slot is hidden inside the handgrip of the camera. A simple yet neatly finished cover protects the slot sufficiently. The Nikon D90 supports Secure Digital and SDHC memory cards and is one of the first digital SLR cameras fully supporting the new SanDisk Extreme III SDHC 30MB/sec cards. The EN-EL3e battery houses inside the handgrip, which has its entrance at the bottom. The bottom of the camera contains a universal metal tripod connection placed slightly off-centre.

Small monitor on top of the SLR camera
A small monitor on the top the camera displays the status of various settings. This type of monitor is perfect, even if you have the possibility to reproduce equal or even more information on the large monitor found on the back of the camera. The shutter release resides on its familiar spot with linked to it, the possibility to activate an additional LED to keep the small monitor available in dark circumstances. A number of shortcuts to adjust AF, light metering and continuous shooting are found around the monitor. On the far left, the command dial offers access to the main programs of the camera.

Nikon D90 Flash
Nikon D90 features a 3" LCD monitor
The back of the Nikon D90 is dominated by a large sized 3 inch monitor. Not only is this monitor bigger, it also has a higher resolution for reproduction. Above it, we find the optical viewfinder that is of superb quality, just as its predecessor. The frame coverage has been enhanced slightly from 95 to 96% which sets an example for all non-full-format digital SLR cameras. The familiar buttons to activate the menu of the camera or enlarge a picture in play mode for example, are placed to the left of the monitor.

Superb ergonomics of the Nikon D90
Ergonomics of the Nikon D90 are superb. Nothing seems misplaced, superfluous or lacking. Surplus value consists among other things of the HDMI connection, an anti-dust system, connection for an optional GPS unit (GP-1) and on top of that, the advanced 3D auto focus (D300/D700/D3) and AF tracking that tracks a subject. The amount of 11 focus points seems somewhat limited; however, it suffices to make use of this advanced focus.

Solid camera housing and a good hand-fit
The Nikon D90 fits perfectly in your hand and its buttons are directly accessible. The material of the housing has a solid feel to it and the hand-fit gives the user a feeling of security. As for the camera; Nikon did well, and as for functionality, the D90 stands at the top of what is possible right now in the field of DSLR in the amateur segment.

Nikon D90 Nikon D90
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