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Fujifilm FinePix F610 Camera review | Adjustments
Also the newly starting photographer can start straight away with the FinePix F610. The lay-out of the menu is straight forward and the function button called AUTO will make it a pleasant experience for everybody, even for those who have no experience with digital cameras at all. Of course the FinePix F610 offers more than just the AUTO mode. To be honest, it is the fact that there are more settings possible that makes a camera interesting. Usually I'd start this chapter with the photographic settings, but Fujifilm has gone through a lot of trouble over the past years to lift the item video onto a higher level, and succeeded in every way. Turning the small function button on top of the camera to Video mode the video function is activated. The recordings are stored in Motion JPEG format combined with mono sound. The videos can be recorded with a resolution of 320x240 pixels or in VGA quality (640x480) with a frame rate of 30 images per second. The quality that the FinePix F610 offers is in one word: excellent. The rendering of the monitor is perfect with high contrast colours. The videos are of such a quality that they can be played on a television screen without a problem. However, one must bear in mind that a video in high quality eats memory. To give you an idea: 7 minutes recording stands for approximately 512MB storage capacity. One who doesn't want to record moving images but still wants to add voice comments to the still images can add a maximum of 30 seconds. In practice it means an extra file (WAV) of approximately 480KB size.
Fujifilm FinePix F610 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix F610 | Digital Camera
Fujifilm FinePix F610 - Pre-set scenes
One who hasn't got a clue about photographing or any basic elements of digital photography can use the FinePix F610 in the AUTO mode or SP mode (pre-set scenes or motives). The pre-set scenes are: Portrait (emphasis on soft skin tones), Landscape (large depth of field), Sports (priority on fast shutter speeds) and Night scene (priority on slow shutter speeds up to 3 seconds). In the automatic setting, (be aware of the fact that the flash has to be activated manually), in the bottom LCD monitor some four features will appear that can be changed. The features of the flash, macro function for close-ups, continuous shooting or the focus function can be reached directly through one of the four buttons underneath the monitor. The macro function enables shooting from a distance of only 9cm. The image looks fabulous with high detail. One only has to count with the more restricted use of the internal flash. This flash has an effective range from 30cm, using the flash on a short distance doesn't exposure the image proportionally and there is more chance to get an over-exposed image by the wrong flash dose. The FinePix F610 is a camera to capture all the fast action moments. The camera has a fast start-up time, focuses fast on the subject and when the continuous shooting is activating it is possible to shoot 5 images one after the other with an interval of 0.3 second! It is also possible to save the last 5 images of a series of images. After taking this series of images the camera needs about 6 seconds to process the data and store it onto the xD Picture Card. All in all a camera that can hold its own when taking fast action images.

FinePix F610 - F button
The back of the camera features the well-known blue coloured 'F' button. This function button gives direct access to three specific photographic camera features: resolution, ISO and colour rendering. The FinePix F610 offers a large choice of resolution settings: 1M, 2M, 3M, 6M and 12M, at which M stands for Megapixels. The effective image resolution is 6 Megapixels, at the moment sufficient for the sort of images which will be made with a digital camera like the F610. It is possible to print a well exposed image up to an A3 size and get a very realistic print, which is larger than most consumers would want to print or have printed. Despite of the high resolution the average file size is small, because of the somewhat heavy compression Fujifilm attacks the size with. For the next generation I would like to find a choice with which the compression factor can be adjusted.

Fujifilm FinePix F-610 - ISO sensitivity
The adjustable ISO value has a range of 160 - 800 ISO. The highest ISO value can only be used at a resolution of 3M or lower. I am positive we will be able to use the 800 ISO at the higher resolution settings in future models. The new FinePix S20 PRO is the first of probably a new generation cameras at which high ISO and high resolution go side by side. There is some noise when using the higher ISO value; however you can look upon that in two ways. You can either put emphasis on the noise using a magnifying glass or you can make a nice print of an 800 ISO file and draw you conclusion afterwards! The prints, if made from a well exposed image, of an 800 ISO image are in one word excellent. The colours remain a bit less strong, but simply said: real-to-live!
Fujifilm F 610 camera - Colour rendering setting
The colour rendering setting (FinePix Color) gives a choice out of: Standard, Chrome or Black & White. Standard for a contrast and colour saturation for normal photography, Chrome for a higher contrast and colour saturation for lively images and Black & White to change a coloured image into a Black & White image. In Chrome setting the contrasts are shown clearly with outdoor shooting of a fine blue sky, a green valley or a bunch of flowers. The colours seem to have a deeper tone, the image looks better. The difference when shooting in Chrome or Standard is not at all or hardly visible in some cases, there must be a situation of high contrast to notice it.

Fujifilm FinePix F610 - Settings
One who wants to use the full possibilities of the camera will have to set the function switch on 'M' straight away. This setting enables manual operation and gives a choice from: Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Programme Auto or Manual setting. When choosing one of these settings the small monitor will show an extra menu with a number of fine-settings, like exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture values which can be changed. The shutter speed range reaches from 3 seconds to 1/1000 second, the aperture from f2.8 until f8. In manual setting both values can be changed and set as desired. When there is a chance of over- or under exposure the monitor shows the following sign: '!'. Beside automatic exposure it is also possible to focus through the small buttons underneath the second monitor. This is done by the sight of the monitor, there is no indicator offering help like a distance measuring system. However there is the possibility to activate the so-called One-push AF function, a function to activate the AF temporarily to assist manual focussing.

Fujifilm FinePix F-610 - Heavy compression factor
When making test images it turned out that the wide angle has hardly any distortion, using the flash one can say there are some slightly darker corners in the image but only visible in a few images. The sharpness of detail is very good, the images look fine. Unfortunately Fujifilm didn't find it necessary to equip the FinePix F610 with an AF assistant illuminator. In various situations, dim lit conditions, or twilight, the camera has difficulties focussing correctly. The LCD monitor also fails in these situations; with a maximum of brightness the view in mentioned recording situations is restricted. The automatic white balance is doing well. The images taken with combined light sources look neutral, only the images taken by strong dominating fluorescent light have some colour cast.

Fujifilm F610 digital camera - User friendly
The FinePix is an elegant looking digital camera with user's convenience and friendly operation in the lead. The possibilities to get just that little extra out of a camera than just with automatic functions are enabled by functions like aperture priority and shutter priority.
Fujifilm FinePix F610 Fujifilm FinePix F610
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