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Fujifilm FinePix F610 Camera review | Control
Compared with its predecessor, the FinePix F601, the housing is a little restyled. The top of the camera is less round and the release button has found a separate spot compared to the combined release/function button of the FinePix F601. The main chance considering the appearance is the back of the camera. Applying the dual LCD monitor made the whole control panel change. One who already owned a digital camera, or even saw generations pass by for the last years like myself, will come to the conclusion that the FinePix F610 is a stubborn camera to be operated; meaning differently.
Fujifilm FinePix F610 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix F610 | Digital Camera
Fujifilm F610 - Comfortable feeling
The camera is held vertically, eventually in one hand, but it seems like the camera feels more at home lying in two hands. There have been thoughts about the design because at first you'd want to think of how to hold the camera, but actually taking the camera into one's hand everything automatically settles down perfectly. The forefinger close to the release button and the function button, the thumb controls the other functions on the right side of the monitors and the buttons underneath the second monitor can be controlled by the left thumb. The camera activates swift as an arrow after turning the on/off button in the right position. The 3x optical zoom pops out of its metal housing in no time and within 1.5 seconds the camera is ready to use. The function button on the topside can directly be turned to Auto mode and the camera can be operated completely manually. The zoom button at the back reacts fast and the zoom lens can be adjusted in precise steps on the subject. The same button is also used to scroll through the menu of the camera or to go from image to image in play mode. At the bottom of this multi-functional button, the Menu button gives access to the typical Fujifilm styled menu of the camera and the button called 'Back' makes sure a certain procedure is finished. The way the functions are activated or changed is rather straight forward.

Fujifilm FinePix F-610 camera - F button
The blue coloured function button 'F', which we find on nearly all the Fujifilm digital cameras for a while now, is also found at the Fujiflm F610. This quick button offers direct access to a number of important photographic features, very useful! An item that may be developed a little further as far as I am concerned is the built-in flash. This flash is situated in a logical spot, doesn't have to fight for its space in between the fingers, the flash is also safe and fully protected hidden inside the beautiful metal housing of the camera but, like at his predecessor, the flash always has to be activated manually by the user before popping out. Especially in Auto mode it ought to be possible and would suit the FinePix F610 that the flash pops out automatically.

Fujifilm FinePix F610 - Pleasant menu
The menu of the camera is pleasant to work with. The showed symbols are clear and very comprehensible. Navigating through the menu is easy and can be done fast and without being overwhelmed by many (useless) setting possibilities. In fact the menu offers a lot of clarity and those who already have some experience with digital cameras will be able to activate his or her settings without digging into the comprehensive manual.
Fujifilm FinePix F610 - LCD monitor & Optical viewfinder
The buttons to operate the camera are neatly embedded in the housing, and don't have to be pushed very precisely, the touch of a fingertip is sufficient. The 1.8 inch size LCD monitor with a resolution of approximately 134,000 pixels has a beautiful rendering which has to be adjusted when the camera is used in a dark corner. The sight on the monitor is improved by increasing the clarity. The optical viewfinder is very clear and is equipped with a frame with in the centre of it an AF frame. Nowadays we find many viewfinders without any indications or what's so ever, which I think is a great lack. The field of view of the optical viewfinder is restricted with its 80%, compared with the monitor which has a field of view of 100%. By the way the monitor of the FinePix F610 has improved a lot considering the field of view. The predecessor had to do with only 87%.

Fujifilm F610 - Picture Cradle docking station
The FinePix F610 is standard delivered with a docking station, a so-called Picture Cradle. This handy accessory looks great on your desk or in the living room and beside that it offers a lot of convenience. After using the camera, it will be placed into the Cradle, which automatically recharges the battery. Connecting the Cradle or keeping it permanently connected to a computer or notebook it's only a matter of pushing the buttons to transfer the images or movies. The battery can be recharged directly through the camera using the standard delivered A/C adapter. Beside that it is also possible to connect the camera directly with the standard included USB cable.

Fujifilm digital camera - Fast start-up time
The FinePix F610 reacts fast, start-up time is very fast, one of the fastest times of his price category, zooming is quick and precise and also focussing is fast. The camera feels at home under diverse circumstances, has a fluent operation and because of its size easy to take with you whenever and wherever you go.
Fujifilm FinePix F610 Fujifilm FinePix F610
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