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Fujifilm FinePix F610 Camera review | Camera
The FinePix F610 is a digital camera with its own specific appearance. The vertical design which is also the way the camera is held makes the FinePix F610 a stubborn camera. The beautiful design with an eye catching brushed front gives the camera a luxurious appearance. When it comes to the first time to hold the camera in your hands it is like having to get to know each other. How is the camera held, where do I put my fingers? However, after studying the buttons the fingers fall into the right place automatically and the camera lies comfortably in the hand. The camera is equipped with the latest generation Super CCD with an effective amount of 6.3 million pixels, has a 3x optical zoom and is fit to make high quality video recording.
Fujifilm FinePix F610 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix F610 | Digital Camera
Fujifilm F610 digital camera - Super CCD technique
Beside the FinePix F610 compact design and the well organised lay-out with a minimum use of buttons, the camera is ready for the real work. Taking photographs can happen fully automatically, but for those who like to stay in full control can make a choice from a complete manual operation, aperture priority or shutter priority. An important future that distinguishes the Fujifilm FinePix F610 from its digital brothers is the application of the Super CCD technique. Using the full technique it is possible to obtain an output resolution of 12 million pixels.

Fujifilm camera - Eye-catcher
The FinePix F610 housing (inclusive battery and xD Picture Card) weights 215 grams and consists mainly of aluminium with a brushed front. On the whole an elegant appearance and it turns the camera into an eye catching item. The dimensions of the camera are 88x63x88.2mm and it is that compact you can carry it around in your shirt- or trousers pocket. The lens is neatly covered with a metal lens cover and the flash is neatly hidden inside the housing. A minuscule ledge is placed to make sure that the fingers of the right hand stay in the right spot. The front gives room to the 3x optical zoom lens with next to it a small microphone. Top right an optical viewfinder is placed with above it a flash sensor. Left of the zoom lens a small self timer led is placed which is the last item on the front. When we look on the back side of the camera we find the battery and memory compartment on the right side. This opens and closes by means of a sliding cover. Furthermore we find an eye to fasten the carrier belt on to carry the camera around. The other side of the camera offers place to a loudspeaker and the A/C adapter connection. It is a pity that the designer department didn't find the possibility to cover this connection without influencing the cameras' tight design.

Fujifilm FinePix F610 - Internal flash
The top of the camera features a space where the internal flash is found. It pops up by means of pushing a button. The release button is also placed on the top side of the camera as well as the function button that activates most of the main programmes. This function button is in fact a smaller one from the bigger command dial we usually find on the larger size cameras.
Fujifilm F 610 camera - Dual LCD monitor
When we get to the back of the camera the first thing that attracts the attention is the dual LCD monitor; a 1.8 inch size display and a smaller sized display with relevant recording or setting information. The application of a dual LCD monitor in this category of digital cameras is rather unique. The second LCD monitor has a blue background lighting, on which the camera settings are perfectly visible. Underneath the small monitor, we find four small buttons to select or change settings. Above he dual monitors a small optical viewfinder is placed with next to it a small button to make the internal flash pop out. On the right next to the monitors there are some small switches for example to scroll through the menu. The bottom of the camera features a universal (metal) tripod connection and a multi connector for the USB and audio/video connection. The tripod connection is not placed in the middle, so using a small flexible tripod one has to count with the balance of the camera.

Fujifilm F610 digital camera - Buttons
The first acquaintance with the camera leads to experience directly how to hold the camera. The way the buttons are placed will make the fingers fall into the right position which makes the camera lie comfortably in ones hand. Second habituation is the lay out of the camera. The buttons are positioned somewhat different than we find on most competing models but also dividing the menus into two different monitors will be a new experience. Both experiences are only pleasant and add to the exclusive concept of the FinePix F610.

FinePix F610 - Picture Cradle docking station
The FinePix F610 is standard delivered with a so-called docking station, or Picture Cradle. When the camera is placed in the cradle and A/C adapter and USB cable are connected, there is direct connection with a computer and the electric mains. Placing the camera into a connected Picture Cradle, the battery will be recharging immediately. Recognisable by 3 blue shining LED's in front of the camera. The principle of the Picture Cradle is useful and this cradle is also a good looking accessory on all the paperwork and other 'important' material on your desk...
Fujifilm FinePix F610 Fujifilm FinePix F610
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