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Canon EOS 50D Camera review | Conclusion
Canon EOS 50D digital SLR camera
The introduction of the Canon EOS 50D came as a surprise for many of us. So did the announcement to not consider this model the successor to the 40D. Yet the introduction of the Canon 50D is completely logical. The improved sensor techniques with in addition the increase of image resolution, the increased resolution and improved reproduction of the monitor, the enhancement of the Live View functionality, the DIGIC 4 processor and the HDMI, are the main improvements and innovations. This lifts the Canon 50D into the highest segment as far as the latest technologies in a DSLR are concerned. In short, a fair amount of elements and items have been renewed and improved, and we may speak of an entirely new digital SLR with which Canon repositions its ranking in the DSLR market.

15 Megapixel Canon 50D performs excellently
I have to admit that the introduction of the EOS 50D did not make my heart miss a beat. An EOS 50D, increased resolution, improved techniques, it all sounded too beautiful in theory. However, whilst testing I could not but conclude that the camera performs excellently, that it appeals to me and that there is not a lot to fret about. Although an increase of resolution is not really necessary for average photography, if it does not lead to compromises, I won't complain. The pictures in practice look fine, the camera has a swift response and does not come up with any shocking surprises. On the contrary, the camera does its job with a kind of self-evidence so that it is not until afterwards you realize that you have some successful pictures in your hands of subjects that you never thought you could capture correctly. An excellent result!

DIWA Lab test shows exclusively positive results
The thorough technical tests carried out in our DIWA Lab, bring out even the tiniest imperfections. On the other hand, the improvements compared to a current or previous model are also made visible. In the case of the 50D, that I sideways compared to the 40D, the Canon EOS 50D shows improvement right down the line. Canon can be rightfully proud of this result.

Canon EOS 50D equipped with a renewed CMOS sensor
The sensor also shows a constant result. The measurements of the effective sensitivity are astoundingly equal to the specified values, which is extremely convincing. Canon seems confident about the CMOS sensor and the technique used for it. Convincing! Also convincing are also the signal/noise ratios over the entire ISO range. This is an excellent result and indeed an improvement compared to the EOS 40D. Canon proves that an increase of resolution and an effective improvement of the sensor technique is the solution to validate a resolution increase.

Canon 50D an allround DSLR camera for enhanced photographers
Through a consistent and natural colour reproduction, a convincing dynamic range, excellent frame rate, fine applicable ISO range, excellent reproduction and user-friendly operation, Canon shows what the Canon EOS 50D stands for. It is an all-round DSLR camera for the enhanced hobby photographer who can deal with any branch of photography with this camera. It’s a convincing performance of an unexpectedly introduced EOS D-SLR that will no doubt set the raise the alertness of the competition on alert. The Canon EOS 50D is absolutely a favourite, and worth every penny of its higher price compared to the EOS 40D.

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Canon EOS 50D | Digital Camera


Canon EOS 50D
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