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Canon EOS 50D Camera review | Storage and Energy
Just like the EOS 40D, the Canon EOS 50D supports CompactFlash memory cards. For a moment, I hoped that an integrated dual card slot would be found here with support for SDHC and CF, but this is exclusively preserved for Pro EOS cameras. More so if you shoot in RAW+JPEG it is convenient to process JPEG pictures on one card slot and the large RAW files on the other. CF support is enhanced for the Canon 50D with UDMA support, which means the UDMA CompactFlash memory cards such as the SanDisk ones are fully supported.
Canon EOS 50D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 50D | Digital Camera
Fast UDMA 8GB memory card recommended
The increase of resolution to 15.1 Megapixels automatically increases the file size. As for the EOS 50D a RAW file with maximum resolution turns out to a file of approximately 20MB, combined with JPEG (15MP) we talk about a file size of 20MB. You will have to consider the influence on the workflow. And not only the effect on the archives, also editing pictures. It has become a heavy task for the average desktop computer. Considering the maximum resolution, I’d advice to use a memory card with 2GB storage capacity. And personally, I would even go for a UDMA 8GB card or higher.

Considering 2GB of storage capacity:
15.1 Megapixels - RAW - 21.2MB - 16 Burst - 91 pictures
7.1 Megapixels - sRAW1 - 12.6MB - 16 Burst - 140 pictures
3.8 Megapixels - sRAW2 - 9.2MB - 16 Burst - 200 pictures

15.1+15.1 Megapixels - RAW & JPEG - 25.2MB - 10 Burst - 72 pictures
7.1+15.1 Megapixels - sRAW1 & JPEG - 17.6MB - 10 Burst - 100 pictures
3.8+15.1 Megapixels - sRAW2 & JPEG - 14.2MB - 11 Burst - 120 pictures

15.1 Megapixels - JPEG - Fine - 5MB - 60 Burst - 370 pictures
15.1 Megapixels - JPEG - Normal - 2.5MB - 150 Burst - 740 pictures

8 Megapixels - JPEG - Fine - 3MB - 110 Burst - 620 pictures
8 Megapixels - JPEG - Normal - 1.6MB - 390 Burst - 1190 pictures

3.7 Megapixels - JPEG - Fine - 1.7MB - 330 Burst - 1090 pictures
3.7 Megapixels - JPEG - Normal - 0.9MB - 1050 Burst - 2040 pictures

Fast processing speed and a high image speed
The processing speed of the Canon 50D impresses. The increase from 10 to 15 Megapixels, compared to the 40D, has hardly made a difference to the frame rate. The difference between 6.3 fps and 16 Megapixels and 6.5 and 10 Megapixels is negligible. It's the new generation image processor, Canon’ DIGIC 4, that made it possible. In combination with a UDMA memory card, the specified speed is reached without a problem.

Canon EOS 50D test
Canon EOS 50D incorporates USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Naturally, the Canon EOS 50D features a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface to transfer files to a notebook or desktop. The speed is fine, although I keep finding it inconvenient having to connect a camera to a pc via a cable. I prefer a card reader, USB or FireWire, and find that that to be the handiest combination with a camera like the EOS 50D. It lets you carry on with the camera while someone else can store and edit the images.

Standard BP-511A Lithium Ion battery
The Canon 50D uses a standard BP-511A Lithium-Ion battery. The battery charges via an external, included battery charger which takes around 100 minutes for a full load. According to CIPA measurements, you can shoot up to around 540 pictures (with 50% use of the internal flash) and around 680 pictures without the use of the flash, on one battery charge. All of this with an average environmental temperature of 0 degrees. If you are lucky enough to shoot in an environment with an average temperature of 23 degrees, you will get 640 to 800 pictures on one load. Of course, under ideal circumstances. However, I was close to these figures when testing the camera.

Live View function demands a lot of energy
Just be aware of the fact that if you do use Live View frequently, you will get a completely different amount of pictures with a fully charged battery. The same measurements mention amounts of 130 to a maximum of 180 pictures. This is a vast decrease and something you have to take into account when using Live View.

Optional handgrip for the EOS 50D
An optional grip (BG-E2) is available for the Canon EOS 50D. This handgrip can take a pair of BP-511A batteries or a set of AA/LR6 batteries. Not only will you have more 'body' with the handgrip mounted to the 50D, you will also benefit immediately from the expanded energy capacity. A minimum of 260 pictures (50% internal flash) at low temperatures up to a maximum of 1600 pictures (without internal flash) at a temperature of 23 degrees. The only disadvantage I find, is that the body gets a lot bigger, other than that I can only see advantages from this accessory.

Canon EOS battery
Canon EOS 50D Canon EOS 50D
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