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Canon EOS 50D Camera review | Control
Although the Canon EOS 50D looks remarkably like the 40D, the operation has been revised. Both models feature two monitors that display the status of the settings. However, the Canon 50D now features an enhanced Live View mode at which the status is visible too. Besides that, a live histogram is at hand which is an ideal way of checking the exposure in advance. The familiar Print button offers a dual function; not only is it good for printing; it also activates or deactivates Live View.
Canon EOS 50D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 50D | Digital Camera
Information on the two displays
Although both monitors are able to display the status, the small black&white monitor on the top side of the camera is only able to display the settings used at that moment. The 3 inch monitor on the other hand, offers far more extensive information. It is also possible, upon depressing the INFO button, to display various setting possibilities on the monitor and change these directly on the screen. The Canon EOS 50D enables the photographer to frequently use the monitor instead of digging into the menu. It takes time to get used to, however, in practice it is convenient and well-controlled.

Canon 50D equipped with an optical viewfinder
Besides Live View mode, the Canon 50D naturally features an optical viewfinder. It looks like it's the same viewfinder that was also used on its 'predecessor' the EOS 40D. Coverage of approximately 95% and a 0.95x multiplying factor topped with a dioptre setting are equal features for both viewfinders. The information rendered at the bottom of the viewfinder is clear and well-arranged.

Focus possibilities in Live View mode
Live View is in the spotlight, which is quite understandable, since looking on the screen to make a composition is the most common thing for a compact camera photographer. The Live View function is therefore highly appreciated by this group of photographers that switches from a compact to a DSLR camera. Unfortunately, Live View is not yet perfect at this moment. In particular the speed of focussing should be improved, and no doubt it is a matter of time only. The Canon 50D offers three focus possibilities in Live View mode; Quick AF, Live View AF and Live View AF with face detection. Quick AF focuses the same way, through the AF sensor, as it does without Live View. Whilst focusing, Live View will be interrupted, although focus will be carried out reasonably fast. Live View AF uses the image sensor to focus which slows it down a lot, although Live View is not interrupted. Live View with face detection has a surplus function for detecting faces in the composition. For now, Live View offers additional possibilities and comes in handy for product shots or landscape photography, for example. Live View is still undergoing constant development; High Definition video will force Live View to continue to innovate.

Canon EOS 50D SLR
Canon EOS 50D features an anti-dust mechanism
The Canon EOS 50D has been equipped with an anti-dust mechanism, a feature that can't be missed. Upon activating the camera, this mechanism is automatically activated too, after which the camera is ready to use in no-time. It only takes a fraction of a second and that time easily competes with the time you would lose retouching the pictures. Moreover, the sensor cleaning is skipped if you press the shutter release, since the shutter release has priority over everything at Canon. Also when deactivating the camera, the sensor cleansing will be carried out, providing the camera has been turned on for a while. You will not easily find dust on your pictures, if the camera is used for normal use.

Readjust focus point
Just like the 40D, the Canon 50D also features nine focus points. All fields are so-called cross-type sensors that are sensitive horizontally as well as vertically. The centre focus point is able to work with f/2.8, the remaining focus points feature a sensitivity close to f/5.6. The focus points can be readjusted using the small joystick. This might need some practice, at least, I needed it! A lot of concentration was required to precisely select one corner which distracted from creating the composition. Anyway, it's only a matter of experience, I presume. It's also possible to use the large command dial, although personally I find this works somewhat slower.

Canon EOS 50D an allround SLR camera
Shooting with the Canon EOS 50D is a pleasant experience. And once you are familiar with the buttons and the functions, it all works nice and fast. It is not a compact camera, this is a camera that you take out. Put a bright lens on it and you do have some weight in your hands. The camera responses swiftly and feels at its best when used for all-round occasions. The ergonomics are quite familiar to the EOS photographer, however, they will also convince the newbie by their practical and structured operation.

Canon EOS 50D DSLR
Canon EOS 50D Canon EOS 50D
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