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Canon EOS 50D Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon EOS 50D SLR camera review : Sooner than expected, considering Canon usually takes a period of 18 months, the Canon EOS 50D was introduced in August. Although I immediately presumed this was the successor to the 40D, Canon fiercely denied this. The Canon 50D should be considered as a stand-alone DSLR equipped with innovative new techniques. One of which is a newly developed 15.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor that should deliver a better signal/noise ratio despite its higher resolution, whilst the other is a fast DIGIC IV processor that is integrated in the 50D. The Canon EOS 50D aims to redefine the quality standard, and thus the camera enters the higher segment.

Camera manufacturer Canon feels competition of Nikon
Canon has dominated the digital imaging industry for many years and still does, in fact. However, lately Canon's power seems to shrink a little, mainly due to big rival Nikon. The latter seems to have woken up from hibernation, and have changed from a conservative and somewhat reserved camera manufacturer into an aggressive and active competitor. A competitor that knows how to change into a new status whilst putting products into the market with highly innovative features and a new quality standard on crucial points. Competition is good for the industry, it keeps all parties alert and on a constant quest for innovation.

Canon EOS 50D incorporates a new sensor technique
The 15 Megapixels are also a sign of the end of an era, in which the amateur EOS DSLR cameras automatically came with a lower resolution. And although not making up for everything, increased resolution still seems one of the desires of a photographer. Or at least, that is what marketing thinks. In practice, it usually turns out that higher resolution is guaranteed to lower the image quality, in particular at high ISO values. Canon now claims that the new sensor technique is a new weapon inside the EOS 50D with which it is possible to increase the resolution and keep noise under control at the same time.

Canon EOS 50D review - Test in practise & DIWA Labs test
I had the Canon EOS 50D in my possession for a short period of time and I was able to test it in practice. Besides that, a test sample of the Canon 50D in combination with the Canon EF-S 18-200 mm f/3.5-f5.6 IS was intensively tested in our DIWA test lab. The results of this test are evaluated, and together with the test in practice, we have come to a reliable camera test. My findings can be read in the following Canon EOS 50D review.

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Canon EOS 50D | Digital Camera

  Canon EOS 50D
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