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Fujifilm FinePix S100fs Camera review | Storage and Energy
Although Fujifilm are among the founders of the xD Picture Card format, they too tend to switch to the more common SD/SDHC format memory cards more and more often. And that to me seems a good choice. Not only does it allow people to switch more easily from their compact cameras to the S100fs, but SD format memory cards are also easier available. By the way; don't throw away your xD cards; the Fujifilm FinePix S100fs takes both storage media.
Fujifilm FinePix S100fs | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix S100fs | Digital Camera
Fujifilm FinePix S100fs resolution
The choice for resolution and quality is rather limited. There are some six resolutions available, which is fine, however, it is only in the highest JPEG that you're able to choose from a high and low compression. And that is rather scanty. Besides JPEG you can also shoot in RAW, although it seems that Fujifilm do not want you to, since the option is hidden in a faraway spot somewhere in the menu. Fujifilm deliver a RAW convertor, unfortunately it doesn't work too well. However, better this than nothing at all. Thankfully you can also work in Adobe Camera RAW with the files of the Fujifilm FinePix S100fs.

Frames per second in RAW and JPEG
A RAW file is fairly large with its file size of 23MB. This is a disadvantage that comes with the Super CCD sensor. The JPEGs are considerably smaller and this is noticeable in the buffer. At full resolution the Fujifilm S100fs reaches 3 frames per second. Maybe not too impressive but for a camera like this it is sufficient. You can shoot 3 RAW pictures sequentially whilst in JPEG you can carry on. Certainly thanks to the files being written onto the card quickly, and RAW hardly slows down. If you need more speed, you have to use the 3 Megapixel resolution. You will then reach 7 frames per second and it allows for storing 50. All in all a decent result.

1GB memory card recommended
If you prefer working in RAW format, you'll have to invest in memory cards. Just as well prices are still dropping. In the table below you will find the amount of pictures you can take with a 1GB memory card, which to me feels like the minimum capacity you should be taking along.

Considering 1GB storage capacity:
RAW - 3840x2880 pixels - 23.2MB - 44 pictures
JPEG - 11M - Fine - 3840x2880 pixels - 5.4MB - 187 pictures
JPEG - 11M - Normal - 3840x2880 pixels - 2.7MB - 373 pictures
JPEG - 3:2 - 4032x2688 pixels - 2.7MB - 380 pictures
JPEG - 6M - 2816x2112 pixels - 1490kB - 687 pictures
JPEG - 3M - 2048x1536 pixels - 800kB - 1253 pictures
JPEG - 2M - 1600x1200 pixels - 650kB - 1559 pictures
JPEG - 0.3M - 640x480 pixels - 150kB - 6396 pictures
Video resolution - 640x480 pixels - 30fps - 14.9 min
Video resolution - 320x240 pixels - 30fps - 29.5 min
Fujifilm FinePix S100fs resolution
SD/SDHC format memory cards are available in various speeds. The advantage of a faster memory card is rapid data transfer providing the computer and the device reading the card are equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection. This should be no problem with the latest generation of notebooks and computers. The Fujifilm FinePix S100fs Megazoom camera features this fast interface. Or you can choose to purchase a card reader. This handy device needs to be connected to the USB port and is capable of reading a card and writing to it rapidly. The computer will recognize the device as an external hard drive. Additionally you will also save energy.

Fujifilm NP-140 Lithium Ion battery
The energy source of the Fujifilm FinePix S100fs is an NP-140 Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 1150mAh. The amount of pictures you can take with it is rather limited. It only lets you shoot 250 pictures according to CIPA standard, which in practice means you may even shoot fewer. If you go on holiday, you should not forget to pack the battery charger. And I'd advice you to purchase a second battery since nothing is more annoying than running out of energy. Contrary to other models Fujifilm offer, no AA batteries can be used, which is a pity.

 S100fs camera
Fujifilm FinePix S100fs Fujifilm FinePix S100fs
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