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Pentax K20D Camera review | Adjustments
One of the striking items on the K10D was the amount of settings you had at your disposal. Without it being superfluous, senseless functions. The same goes for the Pentax K20D. An abundance of possibilities and the beauty of it is that they all make sense. It's obvious that Pentax have people working with them that are aware of the needs of a photographer in practice.
Pentax K20D | Digital Camera Pentax K20D | Digital Camera
Adjusting the program line
One of these special functions is adjusting the program line. It allows for setting the exposure through the MTF-curve. The camera will set the aperture to obtain the most out of the lens. This requires a lens that offers this information. You can also adjust the curve to obtain a shutter speed as fast as possible (for sports for example) or the maximum depth of field (for landscapes for example). The differences are clearly visible; a unique feature of the Pentax K20D.

Shake Reduction image stabilization
The image stabilization, called Shake Reduction by Pentax, is very effective. When the proper lens is used (DA, D FA, F, FA or FA) the camera will read the focal length and adjust the motion of the sensor accordingly. If you use lenses that don't offer this information, you can select this in the menu manually.

Pentax K20D noise values
The image quality of the Pentax K20D is fine. The quality does not suffer from the larger amount of pixels on the same surface which is an excellent achievement. However, as far as noise is concerned, the Pentax K20D no longer belongs to the top. The competition performs better in general. The K20D does not obtain better, nor worse results than its predecessor. Noise is visible rather soon, although not annoyingly present up to and including ISO 400. Higher than ISO 400 shows visible noise and becomes very annoying at the two highest ISO values. These should be used only in emergencies.

Dynamic range of the K20D
The dynamic range drops somewhat when sensitivity increases but not dramatically. Also here ISO 3200 and 6400 are the exceptions; the range decreases very fast. Still it is reasonably acceptable. The white balance did not undergo significant changes which is quite pleasant.

Pentax K20D body
It remains consistent over the entire range although it is better to set a manual white balance in dominating fluorescent light. This is something that goes for nearly every camera.

Deviation in sensitivity
The Pentax K20D has a rather huge deviation in sensitivity at most sensitivity values. This deviation is approximately 20%. Only for ISO 3200 and higher it is less. Since the deviation is fairly consistent you can easily apply standard exposure correction which is quite pleasant. Pentax should focus on this item; once you have control over the true sensitivity, you have the feeling that you're really able to work with the camera.

Pentax lens

Pentax K20D 18-55mm lens
Mechanically, the new 18-55 mm lens is not that great. It feels rather cheap. Optically, it is not a bad lens at all. The corners stay behind, especially in wide angle mode. Adjusting aperture usually helps. Only the 18mm has a visible blur in the corners. Aperture more than f/16 is no use, it decreases the sharpness due to the deflection of the light beams. As far as distortion is concerned, it is perfect. The 18 mm is still the less qualified, you will notice some distortion whilst at other focal lengths it is hardly visible, most certainly not in the pictures taken in practice. Chromatic aberration is not a real problem and only visible in extreme cases.

Pentax K20D photos
Even besides all real sample pictures, I am very pleased with image quality. The pictures made in practice are excellent with pleasant colours that are not too saturated. And you can easily adjust the image quality afterwards also, providing you work in the RAW format. Pentax really deserve some compliments for offering two RAW formats.
Pentax K20D Pentax K20D
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