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Pentax K20D Camera review | Camera
As far as appearance is concerned, the Pentax K20D digital SLR is quite similar to its predecessor. If you were to switch the type tag of the cameras, you probably wouldn’t notice it. Still, some essential things have changed. Such as the larger screen on the back of the camera and the connection for a flash unit. The seals to prevent water and dust from getting inside remained untouched, which makes the Pentax K20D a camera that is still interesting to the outdoor photographer.
Pentax K20D | Digital Camera Pentax K20D | Digital Camera
Pentax bayonet supports all K-mount lenses
The Pentax K20D looks a bit stubby, although it still has a compact size. If you place a pancake lens on the camera, it still fits easily into your coat pocket which makes it an ideal combination for a journalist to take pictures in the streets. All lenses with K-mount fit to the bayonet mount of the K20D. And there are heaps of these lenses; you can even use your lenses from many years ago. If you do, however, you wouldn't be able to use certain functionalities. Pentax and Nikon are the only two brands that didn’t change the bayonet mount when AF entered the field.

RAW en JPEG pictures with the Pentax K20D
To the right of the bayonet, the switch is found for various auto focus modes. It can be set to single, continuous and manual as well. Above it a very special button is found marked RAW. Pressing this button lets you make a RAW+JPEG picture fast, no matter how you set the camera. Personally I would always keep the camera to store in RAW, nevertheless it is a plus for Pentax making RAW this accessible. On top of the camera we find a button to fold up the built-in flash.

Pentax K20D studio flash unit connection
On one side of the Pentax K20D, behind a small cover, the much desired connection for a studio flash unit is placed. Pentax did well to apply this connection on the K20D, which was truly missed on the K10D. You have to really be aware of not losing the small lid, since it is easy to lose it. The other side of the D-SLR camera contains the lid to the Secure Digital (SD) or SDHC (SD High Capacity) memory card compartment. It's nicely sealed with a rubber edge to prevent dust and water from getting inside.

2.7" LCD monitor on the Pentax K20D
The back of the Pentax K20 camera proves to be a busy sight, and to be honest also somewhat disorderly. The large 2.7 monitor dominates the back. The quality of the monitor is excellent and there is lot of information available, if you desire. Above the monitor the ocular is placed with a large frame coverage that is pleasant in use. Solid is the correct word to describe the Pentax K20D. It has a solid build and that's the way it feels. A camera to work with intensively for years on end.

Pentax SLR review
Pentax K20D Pentax K20D
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